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  1. Another in a different lot, From the same seller: UISS Swordfish , WEST PAC 85 Item # 254699717339
  2. Interesting buckle listed in a mixed lot on ebay. "SCRAMBLES" , "CV-ASWN" , USS RANGER item # 264843824067
  3. Here is one I saw posted on Letgo a couple of years back. I tried to make contact with them, but it was all crickets. I think it was out of the Vegas area. Did anyone grab these?
  4. I'd like to see his ribbon bar! That would be a colorful fruit salad
  5. As a former Army Aviator, this section is fantastic!!
  6. Saw this Ike on ebay and thought I'd post it. Tag says 1943 and has 15th AF patches, but why the shoulder boards? Are they Brit?
  7. A lot of Philippine associated units organizations. I think some real gems.
  9. Antique store finds and in mixed drawers. I just culled them out because of the uniform shots. Got home and saw that they all had the same family name "SELSOR" So four photos in the lot. (1) Two couple shot - Navy combat Air Crew wings visible w/gunners sleeve rate. 2 gals (wives, sisters?) 13th AF CPL ribbons: GC, Pacific Theater & Philippine Liberation. (2) Dale Selsor in fight gear during training. (3) Gerald P. Selsor, group shot, Ft. Lewis 1933, looks like 3rd INF Div SSI on a left shoulder. (4) PVT Gerald Selsor, Ft. Lewis, 1933, little target practi
  10. Here's one I just saw in either Mercari or Letgo. Could they have been an advisor to the Marines?
  11. Saw this coat in a local antique store. Quartermaster tag is dated 1935. What model would this be? And it's really nice. looks a lot warmer than a regular field jacket. Would this.. OR I just I should ask, Could this have been worn into WW2?
  12. Not sure myself. I see it, but with so many different tax rates it has got to be a crap shoot. It is a "state" sales tax, but each municipality (city, county, sate) may be slightly different. The address I live in is the county where the tax rate is .0725%. The nearby city is .0775%. Basically when I sell something on ebay, I figure my "profit" potential as: Cost of item = x ebay fees = .20 NOW - sale tax charged = rule of thumb .0775 or .08 (ebay .2 + tax .08 = .28, round up to .3) $10 x 1.3 = $10.30, I do this as a hobby and for pocket $ (so I can buy
  13. And US jump wings on both uniforms as well! That's pretty cool.
  14. I thought the French would use a roundel on their aircraft markings. Red circle , blue dot center. Where as the Brit's would use blue circle with red dot center.
  15. Posted this over on the WWF but it got no love, so since it is an ex-American Fighter plane, I'm posting it here as well. Great shot, but who was it sold too? Found this neat photo of a P-51. There appears to a C-47 behind it and a C-54 in the background. Am thinking it now belongs to a South American Country. Argentina? Tail # 476156 There is another winged logo below the canopy, but it is pretty faint in the photo. Possible ID what country it flew for?
  16. I don't agree. I believe it is a CBI patch. The object on the left is a circle (Nationalist Chinese symbol, the object on the right is a star)
  17. Great actor, great roles, I still don't like oatmeal. RIP
  18. This is a great shot! The first thing that caught my eye, is the MOH ribbon is upside down. I know, I know, picky, picky.
  19. Nice couples photo Navy enlisted with Gunner Sleeve rate and wearing Air Combat Crew badge on left breast. Army enlisted with 13th AF. I have 3 other photos of the same family name I got this weekend. Grabbed them randomly from the photo stacks as they were all uniform shots. I'll post those in another section.
  20. 2nd AF WAC. notice the light colored border around the patch.
  21. Recent pick up over the weekend. Mexican Border Service medal. The medal is numbered: # 18127. I've seen others listed on the forum and the number could be associated with the soldier, Is this one able to be traced as well?
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