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  1. OK, you asked for them, here are some pics. Be advised, the US airborne wingswith numbers on them are clutch back - so most likely modern pieces. Still nice touches.
  2. The map on the wall is JAPAN, turned on its side. Better picture of the truck?
  3. Here is a two place sewn ribbon bar. Light blue ribbon and Nicaraguan Campaign Medal. Received in a group lot, which fits the time frame of the other medals. Mexican Service 1911-1917, On The Mexican Border and WW1 Victory medals. But what is the light blue ribbon? I wasn't hoping there weren't stars on it, nod ..nod..wink..wink. I wouldn't want to own any thing that might get me in trouble!
  4. Got these in a group lot. Nice pair of USMC EGA cuff links. Whose maker mark is stamped on the side?
  5. Your message box is full as I tried to PM you. Any particular section you'd like shots of? There are a lot of "good" ones. I woiuld like to get some comfirmed (the 101st, para marine, some of the larger 5XX airborne unit ones).
  6. " IT " arrived today. I am the fortunate keeper of this extraordinary airborne quilt. And I was blown away. It is a poncho liner as the background with primarily Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces, USMC & SEAL patches and pins, with a smattering of foreign badges, wings and pins. A lot of modern, but there are a better portion of older patches as well. Some really great pieces. The time and effort it took to put this together was a labor of love. I promised as long as I was the keeper of this creation, it would not be dismantled. Direct from the widow of the collector. He gathered, s
  7. Don't fancy it, but thought I'd post it for opinions
  8. When were these Female white & green USMC chevrons used?
  9. Saw this patch listed. Says it is 5 inches. Looks like the theme is radar or electronic tracking. A bit of two parts: (1) Is it real? (2) What does it stand for? What era? What service (Army / AF / USMC)?
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