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  1. Found these two jump wings. Both sterling. Both labeled as WW2, I have my doubts. Would like your input;


    1.  Jack Heller, from the limited research I was able to do, Not the stand out hallmark you normally see. 


    2. Solid backed wings. Could be WW2, but a lot of wings were made after the war. 



  2. Here's one that sold today, was listed as;  MOBILE TRAINING TEAM MIDPAC PSI


    It was in a mixed lot of buckles. I had sent the seller a note, if the lot didn't sell could they offer it as a single. After several turns of not selling, I sent a note to them late last night. They replied and had thrown it up as a BIN. By the time I got to it, it had sold. Interesting Surface Warfare buckle. 



  3. 31 minutes ago, SouthShore 8754 said:



    I immediately thought the same thing when I saw the 23rd infantry division patch on the bdu uniform. I just checked it, the DLA number says "82", for 1982.


    Thanks for pointing out that army material command patch on the first uniform I posted, I was wondering if the special forces tab on top of that was in the right place, wouldn't it normally go over the airborne tab? 


    I'll post more pictures below.




    The SF and Airborne tab go together and is the SSI for special forces units. The Army Material command may have an Airborne tab if it is in an airborne capacity. BUT .. you should not see an SF tab on the right shoulder as it is a "skill badge". Just like on the 1st INF "Big Red One" DCU, there is a Ranger tab on the left shoulder and not the right should. It too is a skill award. You may see Ranger "scrolls" on right shoulders as the are SSI's for the Ranger Battalions, but not Ranger tabs. 

  4. I agree the first two DCU's are to the same soldier. Nice theater made patches. He was Special Forces qualified or  Q - Course, but his current assignment (at the time of wearing the uniform) was with the Army Material Command and not an SF Group. If so, then the left shoulder patch would've been Special Forces SSI. 


    As for the woodland BDU, it has to be an 1980's top. What is the DLA-C-100-??-XXXX date number inside the shirt. The last time the 23rd INF DIV was in combat or a hostile theater was in Vietnam. Colin Powell wore the 23rd on his right shoulder. 


    The medical badge on the DCU is the Expert Medic's Badge or EMB. It is the counter part to the Expert Infantryman's Badge or EIB, or affectionately referred to as Everyone in Battalion/Brigade. 

  5. Had been alerted to this 3rd Recon Buckle and followed/bid on it. A nice piece. I volunteered (instead of vol-un-told to work extra hours this morning and missed it.  If a forum member got it, good job.  Win some, lose some.  

    3rd recon oval.jpg

  6. 148871805_Union3021.jpg.b586dc7c1d384504319fe6818cd1a153.jpgContinuing the stream, here are two I find interesting. 

    First, International Union of Operating Engineers Member Belt Buckle 302, although not military, probably made as a gift and sent back home.  

    Second, Tsoying Taiwan BOY SCOUTS Troop 92, I find this one particularly interesting as dependents followed their military persons to all kinds of overseas deployments. What a great experience for a kid in the 50's or 60's!    

    B Becker BSA Trp 92.jpg

  7. 11 hours ago, seanmc1114 said:

    I have no definitive information on this photo, but from all of the details, it appears to be a soldier wearing the 11th Airborne Division SSI in Korea. Everything about it looks like it was taken in the field and I'm pretty sure the man in the portrait is North Korean leader Kim Il Sung. 


    The 11th was stateside during the Korean War, but its 187th Parachute Infantry Regiment was detached and sent to Korea along with support units as the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team.



    11th Airborne Division.Korean War.jpg


    Great picture, but how many of you noticed the North Korean flag at his feet!! GET IT!!

  8. So I went to the monthly Sacramento Antique Street Fair and scored some goods. On the way out of town, I hit the Golden Bear (featured on Diner's, Drive-Ins and Dives) and had a cold beer (I had worked pretty hard ;)) and the Fried Chicken sandwich -EXCELLENT by the way. As I sat there enjoying my meal, I could see this funky clothing store, Prevue Peekaboo Fashions, that I had passed over in the past. So to work off my meal, I strolled over to take a peak. They had a few uniforms, hats and shirts. BUT ... tucked up on a shelf I found these two gems. Vietnam Tour cowboy hats. One with yellow/black patches and one with red/black patches; THAILAND & U-TAPAO arc tabs.


    Now I had one of these when I was a kid. My uncle did a tour in Thailand and brought me back one. Of course I grew out of it and then tried to take the patches off. I was successful with one and destroyed the other. These still don't fit my head, but they are piece of my childhood!             





  9. Thanks to milsurp_scout_14 for starting this topic. He beat me to the punch, so next year I'll have to be quicker to get my own up first. Good job folks! Hope you had fun! Keep your eyes in them closets and rag piles, there's still treasures to be found! See ya next year!  

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