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  1. 1 hour ago, hink441 said:

    Just received this one from an eBay purchase. 

    This buckle has a sad story though.

    The USN LT. that wore this buckle was killed in an unexplained ejection from the back-seat of an F-4B Phantom during a supersonic fly-by of the USS F D Roosevelt. His body was never recovered. He had made the previous FDR Vietnam Cruise and probably had this buckle made in the PI. 

    RIP Lt.





    Good grab. I bid on this one, but decided not to pursue it. I'm glad you have some history on it. Makes it even nicer. Enjoy! 

  2. Grabbed these at a swap meet. Two separate bars, 2 bar: DFC & AM and three bar;  American , Pacific theaters and WW2 Victory. 


    The pin is typical Brit made, but the pin is brass colored. With the Pacific theater ribbon, could it be Australian made?


    The ribbon bar is wide and typical 1/2 inch Navy size, but there was a full set of Air Corps insignia with it, Aviation branch wing props and U.S.  So once again, Pacific theater? Australian made?    




  3. 9 minutes ago, Allan H. said:

    This is a rather interesting uniform and I am glad that we are getting to look at it. It is unusual that we are seeing cuff braid on the uniform, but I believe that there was a regulation that allowed soldiers who had served as an officer and had later reverted to an enlisted rank were allowed to wear cuff braid. I know I have seen it a couple of times with WWI officers who reverted back to enlisted status after the first war. It was not that uncommon for officers who held commissions in WWII to revert back to an enlisted status in order continue in the service. There were a very large number of AAF officers who became NCOs as the AAF transitioned to the USAF. That being said, it would be far more common to see an enlisted soldier wearing a tan uniform without the piping.


    As for the Naval Amphibious forces combat patch, it is possible that the veteran was in the navy prior to joining the army and it is also possible that the man was in a special situation where he was working as an liaison to the navy in the amphibious forces. Maybe he was a naval officer who later went to the army?


    The chevrons, overseas bars and hash marks in AG44 green would date the uniform as being worn as early as 1955 and then into the 1960's or even 70's. Enlisted soldiers were allowed to count all service time (officer and enlisted) for wearing their hash marks.




    For future information and reference, I'd like to see that regulation. And / or hear other stories or examples of this occurring. 


  4. So i got these in a package deal. Label said, WW2 camo helmet cover. When I pulled it out of the bag, There was one some what cover, solid camo material on top with camo netting below. And it has a sewn band around it. 


    There are two camo netted "bags". I can't say they are helmet covers. Then there was a long bolt of camo netted fabric. 


    So what do I got here?     







  5. Here is an interesting post WW2 photo (really wrinkled) I found this weekend. Lots going on, so let's get started. 


    Staring from the right,  


    * An African American Mater Sgt wearing Army chevrons and Far East AF patch

    * The CPT speaking to him, wearing standard AF patch on the right shoulder

    * New AF Master Sgt stripes watching this conversation and wearing US open collar brass.

    * Mix of officers wearing wings, summer khaki hats and uniforms.

    * Mix of officers wearing chocolate hats and and ike jacket.  

    * the man leaning over in the center of the photo has a patch on the right shoulder, but to fuzzy to make out.


    If you pick out something I miss, post your observation. 


    AF Barracks post ww2.jpg

  6. This patch is currently listed for as, and wanted to get you opinion, I think the subject matter is good. A relic of the sad state of the base realignment and closures that happened in California.


    HERE IS THE DESCRIPTION as listed for the patch;


    This vintage leather patch is hand painted and made to be sewn on to a jacket. It features Disney's Mickey Mouse in his fireman's gear.

    This patch honors the Hamilton Field Fire Dept in Marin County, Ca. - Pacific Wing ATC # 11. ATC stands for Air Transport Command.
    This USAF base was established in the 30's as a training facility for fighter pilots and was used extensively in WWII.

    It is marked on the back with Berman's & Sons, Hollywood, Ca. During the war, Disney was involved in patch designs for the Army Air Corps.


    This is an authentic patch from that time.

    It measures 5.5 inches across.

    Hamilton Field 1.jpg

    Hamilton field 2.jpg

  7. Hit the monthly Sacramento Antique Fair to today and found these gems. While they are not military, these are definitely Philippine made. They are TRAIN themed!

    * B & O

    * New York Central System

    * Chicago and Northwestern System, October 28, 1956


    They were all being sold by the same lady and couldn't get just one, so I picked up the set of three.


    They are a lot bigger than the smaller military themed. No markings on the back. 



  8. Cruising Etsy and saw this image. Pretty cool vintage reprint labeled as: Vintage 1940s Photo - Tri-Delta Sorority Sisters (or as my dad used to joke; Delta Delta Delta - try Delt - everybody else has) - Girls Partying at Texas University Smoking and Drinking - WWII Era - Fine Art Print.


    What caught my eye, was the Tank Destroyer patch worn on the shirt of the blonde in the center of the shot. On a side note, the second thing that caught my eye was the Sigma Nu shirt (my old house) worn by the gal center front.  I'm sure they were defying the house mom by partying like this! Probably a post war shot, but just goes to show you, our parents and grand parents have led some pretty cool lives.    

    DDD 1.jpg

    DDD 2.jpg

  9. So another issue has arose Ebay vs. Paypal. I tried to use my PayPal Mastercard to make a purchase and it says my payment failed. This is not the first time this has occurred for me, yet Ebay can't figure out why... hmmmmm .... because there is an error in "their" system. No S... Sherlock. I am not a conspiracist, but seems awfully fishy. The lady said, it was because the seller doesn't accept the PayPal Mastercard. Additionally, she mentioned, twice, they they were migrating away from Paypal and into their Managed Payment system.  Very interesting. And so we proceed.    

  10. 17 hours ago, Martinjmpr said:

    I'm pretty sure the CIB is never authorized on USAF uniforms.  AFAIK some Army badges are authorized on USAF uniforms but I don't think the CIB is one of them.  


    The direct-embroidered Senior Parachutist badge on the wrong side is problematic but I notice that both the CIB and the USAF tape are sewed on in a very sloppy fashion.  


    Now, having said all that, have I seen non-regulation stuff in the field?  Sure, enough that I wouldn't necessarily say that is 100% put together.  I mean, the "farther you are from the flagpole" - that is, the further you are away from a garrison environment where some picayune Master Sergeant is just itching to find uniform violations - the more you can get away with.  


    But it looks like a soup sandwich to me.  


    Plenty of photos supporting the CIB worn on the AF uniform. Can't say I've seen a subdued, but that doesn't they aren't out there. The direct embroidered jump wings are they odd though. OH, if it could only talk.  

  11. All I can say is, experiment.  Many complain about ebay, but it's really pretty easy. I've been on since 2001. 


    If you want the best $ amount, it is a coin flip between Buy It Now (BIN) and Auction formats. If you want to get rid of it, do the BIN. If you want to see how much you can get, run the auction. A lot of people run the .99 cent starting point. There are great successes with this, but if it sells at .99 on a $20 item, that's the business gamble you've decided to take. McDonalds runs a .99 menu to get you in the door to buy more. 


    A lot of members have put their expertise out on the forum, so read , read , read. 


    Be very descriptive. If it has a moth hole, note it. If it's wrinkled, note it. Know your product. 


    Pictures! Take good clear ones. Front, back, and angles.   


    This is my rule of thumb: What I pay for an item, I take that cost and multiply by 1.3. The .3 is basically the fees you will be charged. Ebay is a business. Here is my selling formula:

    Basically when I sell something on ebay, I figure my "profit" potential as:

    Cost of item = x

    ebay fees = .20

    NOW - ebay collects sale tax = rule of thumb .0775 or .08 (ebay .2 + tax .08 = .28, round up to .30) 


    $10 x 1.3 = $10.30,  I need to get $10.30 to break even on a $10 item. 


    Try to use Postal Flat rate products, those are great and come with tracking numbers. If it fits, it ships. People will try to screw you over, saying they didn't get their stuff. If it's tracked, it's on the post office.   


    Be honest, be fair. Good luck.

  12. fourragere's and  aiguillettes come in many colors. IF it was on a VFW uniform it could be for their honor / color guard. You'd think with the blue / gold color it would be for the American Legion. They are used to signify something special, ceremonial. It is pretty.  

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