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  1. A couple more as I searched for other sources.
  2. Cruising Craigslist and saw this listing for stolen items. BOLO or Be On the Look Out, for these stolen 45th Infantry items and diary. Maybe we can help them.
  3. Saw this jumper while I was out. What threw me was the zippers. Has anyone seen this type of modification? I've seen them on the edge of the sleeves and up under the arm pits, but never down the front. What cha think?
  4. AS long as I find them, I'll keep posting them ! What carrier was the "last hurrah" in 1985?
  5. Wow! You've been busy! And most acquired this past year!! Talk about being on a hunt.
  6. Not US for the Panama dui, but maybe associated with our forces that were station there. And boy is it pretty! I had a Dominican Republic dui that was built the same way with identical screw back.
  7. Really cool examples!! These aren't that big , so the detail of the EGA is nice to see.
  8. Could've swore these got posted. A pair of three's; P-3 Orion and and H-3 Sea King
  9. Halloween 2020, COVID sucks but lets get out there and hit those racks. Billy the nose picker and the Goth horde are looking to take away those good uniforms that sahould be in your collection! Who are we? Collectors and the keepers of history! We are not quitters! So get out there and accomplish your mission! Here is what is offered at my local GW. Nothing special, the best piece hanging was the Navy Aviation Senior Chief's khaki jacket (with bullion rate). Not my cup of tea, so I did a catch and release.
  10. I'll post these as well. A couple of real oddities; Nuclear Agency and Flying Tigers. Both with steep pricing
  11. So I've been posting pics as buckles appear. But here's a thought I had for consideration. There are lots of Navy buckles (Aircraft, ships, SeaBees, etc.), Coast Guard, a couple of AF ones and few early Army ones, so what about Marines? I saw three of the larger oval style for Marines (USMC CH-46, USMC w/A-6 & a Recon) and a regular style Para buckle posted in this topic. Any other examples? Surely, there were plenty of Marines to go through Subic and other Philippine ports who got buckles.
  12. Snmall snap shot I picked up. Showing the "Training Command" tab over the AF patch. The lady told he his last name is, Tatarakis (Greek heritage)
  13. They dropped the price so I picked up this Navy Supply Corps, Ready For The Sea, buckle. Looking at his other auctions, I totally missed the "named" brother; John Baumgarten, SUBASE Pearl Harbor. Interesting, did they mis-spell "Sub Base" and run it all together?
  14. New listing on ebay, Naval Aviator, Ed Bower, VR-21 USN Interesting that it is "sterling".
  15. It fits the pattern. Couldn't have been a whole lot of them awarded so the next question is, can the award be traceable? The guy was probably an Arty spotter.
  16. Got this couples portrait and am a fan as a former Army Aviator. BUT ... one ribbon on his rack has me stumped. WW2 ribbons with Senior Army Aviator wings. The last ribbon has equal stripes, but it doesn't match the American Defense Medal or the UN Korean Medal. Can you name it?
  17. Respect your opinion/comment, but as a former 80's soldier, the color for that period just doesn't match. Army uniforms using the term "serge wool" is from an earlier period. It's just odd. Defense Personnel Support Center? Not DLA or DSA
  18. Got this women's hat and had questions. What branch of service? Odd green color. No grommet hole for an EGA. Tag inside is named, Serge OG 108, Contract No. 9008-75. So 1975 production?
  19. Picked this Navy Nurse pin up in a junk bin. When did the pin insignia face change from "NNC" to a plain leaf / acorn? This one is sterling but the pin is broke.
  20. Here's one I found today at the Sacramento Antique Street Fair. There is an issue with it, as it is only the front. The back has been ground off. Probably so it could be re-affixed to another buckle that accepts a regular size belt. It's just speculation on my behalf. So this face has good subject matter, USS Pintado - SSN-672. Reading in Wiki - it has good subject matter as it had two collisions in it's career. The Sac show has been COVID closed since March. There was plenty of foot traffic and I was glad for a chance to go out and "dig".
  21. Pretty sure it's a high school "track" foot that you'd sew onto the letter of a letterman's jacket.
  22. Listed as a "Vietnam era" buckle, but clearly shows an F-14 tomcat. So I'm guessing later like the 80's. Maybe it's the guy who worked on Maverick's Tomcat!
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