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  1. Wardroom has to do with officers. All of the letter-numbers under give the location on the ship where they are. Wardroom mess is where they eat. Wardroom Stateroom is where they sleep. Wardroom Lounge is where they hang out. Head is the bathroom. Galley is where the food is cooked (kitchen).
  2. From what I understand is that the Marines stationed on a ship (during WWII) brought their own weapons. They kept their weapons in their quarters area and the Navy kept their in their small arms lockers. That's what they did on the battleship North Carolina.
  3. http://usriflecal30m1.com/ProductionGraph.aspx
  4. Here's a picture from the 28th General Hospital Britain Early 1944 with the ASF patch.
  5. My guess is the Army Service Forces patch
  6. Great, thanks. Here's two other qualification badges I dug out of my collection.
  7. Any thoughts on the date of this Third Class Aviation Ordnanceman?
  8. Part of the problem with Navy uniforms is that they did not put out a new uniform regs between 1922 and 1941. They made changes and unless you have a 1922 Regulations with ALL of the updates or can find all (almost) 20 years of changes in the archives, you don't know exactly when things were added or changed. The drawstring lasted til March of 1944 when the jumpers were shortened to save fabric. Here is a pair (found on ebay)
  9. I'm thinking the trousers are pre-WWII. How pre-, not sure. The pair of grommet hole on either side of the front flap is what is called for in the 1922 uniform regs, but they weren't there in WWII. The 1922 regs also called for a blue check lining which these do not have. Not sure when they stopped that. The jumper seems a bit thin, the WWII ones I think were a bit heavier flannel but could have still been in the system.
  10. The USNR insignia was authorized in 1942. https://www.history.navy.mil/our-collections/artifacts/uniforms-and-personal-equipment/pins--badges--and-insignia/pins/usnr-merchant-marine-pin.html
  11. What the jumper shows is correct. The white braid on the right should indicates the seaman branch and he is a non-rate. My guess is a Seaman 1/c. He's qualified as a torpedoman (Went to school and passed all requirements), but hasn't made petty officer. Once he makes petty officer (Torpedoman's mate 3rd class), the braid and the torpedo distinguishing mark will come off and the rating badge will be put on the right sleeve. Undress blue jumper wore all of the regular sleeve markings - rating badges and service stripes and qualification marks. Another option is that h
  12. The National Archives doesn't seem to have a problem with it as I have scanned many things there.
  13. I've got this 3rd class Airship Rigger patch but the chevron is gray. Any ideas on why?
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