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  1. Could be a private purchase which would explain the differences.
  2. But if he died in 1989, ATF and WWII Imp weren't in business then, so it wouldn't have been something that he wore that they made. I began reenacting in 1989 and don't recall hardly any repros being made then except George Peterson (NCHS - Washington DC area) making 1941 field jackets and tanker's jackets.
  3. Very nice. One suggestion. This appears to be a "Normandy" boat. The boat crew would be wearing either the dark blue winter jacket, or the OD7 N-1 winter jacket. In reality, they would probably also be wearing the N-2 Rain jacket to keep the water off but I know figures aren't made with the rain parka/jacket. The light blue you have is good for their chambray shirt, but as cold and wet as it was, they'd be wearing some foul weather gear. But excellent job. What model kit is the LCVP?
  4. It's pretty much a standard 2" x 6 yds guaze bandage that you would find in any medical kit that called for 2" gauze bandage. Didn't see any listed for the Army kits but in the Navy's shipboard first aid boxes, they were listed. A stock number and/or contract number would usually not be on the individual boxes but on the outer box/case they come int. Here's one at 1944supply.com (navy contract): https://www.1944supply.com/gauze-bandage-3-inch-x-6-yards.html
  5. The 31 is probably just an inventory number.
  6. Very nice. Suggestion - put a label above each of the medals as to what they are.
  7. Believe she was from Meridian Connecticut: From the Hartford Currant - Dec 26, 1944
  8. Here's what it says from the 29th Div. Morning Reports. NBC is Non Battle Casualty.
  9. It is not listed in the QM catalog as part of the Officers Field Mess. I was told it was a mess hall syrup dispenser/pitcher. It has the lid to keep the flies out. Creamers usually have a pouring spout. Of course it could be used for either.
  10. I count at least 9 wearing grays in the photo, inlcuding the Chief in front of the firing squad. In the later classes of midshipmen, in their class books, they are all wearing grays.
  11. Not sure of what you mean by gold eagle. The Officer crest on the gray hat is supposed to be the standard crest.
  12. I don't think a B-24 would have nose gun trigger and bomb release on the yoke/wheel. Compare photos of the cockpits of the various planes through google.
  13. I would think it would say USN MD if it was. But could be era dependent. The pirates lair has some identified on their site: http://www.thepirateslair.com/4-enlisted-tin-cup-bowl-tab-usn.html
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