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  1. I bought a box full of ordnance lists from a friend that picked them up at an estate sale, where they where being thrown away. l
  2. doglips57


    The k98 is a 1937 s/243 with a matching numbers, it also has a bayonet. the ike is in pretty rough shape, I'll post some pics soon. the rifle was and bayonet were brought back by the vet.He was in the 14th armor, the ribbons are pretty faded. Steve
  3. doglips57


    Bought this jacket and several other pieces at an estate sale. The soldiers name is Edwin Rembowicz
  4. The maker on the back is the Colorado Badge & Nov. Co Denver. Steve
  5. I just wanted to see if this would work. I see I need a better camera or more skill with it. Sorry its not so clear. I bought these plus the Minnesota National Guard Marksman medal for $135.00.
  6. I don't believe its traceable. The Indian Campaign Medal has a small solid red ribbon, but the rim number is M No. 621. Along with it I bought a Spanish Campaign Army Service Medal rim number 17929 with no prefix No. and a Military Order of the Serpent medal also a Minnesota National Guard marksman medal from about the turn of the century. The family gave me a name of a relative they thought may have been in the corps of engineers in Panama at that time. The name was Edward Kirkcoe.
  7. I don't want to sound naive but what does an original Indians Campaign Medal sell for? I bought several medals at an estate and an Indian Campaign Medal was included. Thank You Steve
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