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    Early Philippine Constabulary (pre1935); Philippine Scouts, early Philippine Aviation (PAAC, Philippine Air Sevice), Philippine Army (per-1942), Philippine Department and Philippine Division. Collect: medals, insignia, in-country made uniforms, patches, field gear, swords and documents. Looking for officially named Purple Hearts, Silver and Bronze Stars to soldiers who fought in the Defense of the Philippines.

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  1. I agree with the Author regarding this tunic. I have a number of true Philippine made EM tunics from this period in my collection. The color I have no issue with as I have examples on pea green as I call it and Khaki. Though the fabric is correct, this uniform fits the tropical jackets used in Hawaii and other tropical zones the Army served in, but NOT the Philippines. There is a slight variance in the design that does not appear in the last two uniforms being sold out of this collection that are present in ever other Philippine period uniform I have seen or owned in the last 30 plus years
  2. Silver Star I am attempting to locate the Silver Star awarded to: LTC Herman R. Anderson, USMC 4th Marines Philippines He was originally from Watson, Mass.
  3. Nice DUI, not commonly found maker, but in my opinion way over priced!
  4. i hope this helps. Thanks for your note. The lead shot is roughly 1.5 CM wide. I was told in France that they thought that it was a German shell. There are no markings. I acquired another complete shell that is being shipped to me that has a solid iron base just like this one, but the sides are a thinner medal. The shell that is being shipped was a dud in that the shot flew out but the sides peeled out like a banana but were still attached. Thanks for your thoughtas. Joe
  5. While in France last week, I picked-up this WWI Shell fragment in the Meuse-Argonne. I clean-up it up a little rermoving 100 years of dirt and loose rust. The shell fragment base has divits for lead balls which two are present and no doubt had hundreds more in the entire shell. Can anyone ID this shell type for me? Is it a German, French or American shell fragment? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Here are my examples of the Ronald Reagan patches that I purchaed onboard the day of her launch.
  7. In the early 1960's my Uncle served on the Big-E (1964-68) as a Corpsmen. Here are two of the patches he gave me when he returned to Norfolk years ago. Question: At what point did the Navy drop the "A" or Attack designation and go to just CVN verses CVAN? And why? Thanks. J
  8. Thanks Jeff I greatly appreciate your help. See you in a couple of weeks at OMSA.
  9. I recently acquired this named Legion of Merit medal which I believe dates from the Vietnam era, but am not sure. I would appreciate any help with the following. 1. Based upon the drape and the case, when was this medal issued? 2. The medal is named to "Charles W. Cook" which is a pretty common name, is there any way to ID the owner of this medal. It was purchased at an estate sale near Frederick Maryland. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Joe
  10. As a side note, these medals were struck post war by El Oro, Topaz.
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