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  1. The spec 4 ones have a much more substantial gold edge than the others ? If these are unfinished - what does the finished version look like ? And why are they done like this ?
  2. What are these ? time frame / use etc ?
  3. All Possum really means about the manaquins - is that they show specific oddities - like mohikans and face paint etc etc - rather than several bog standard average set ups - now obviously to the chap doing the manaquins and to the public, its more interesting to show that sort of thing. but when reenactors buy these books they have a tendancy to then coppy the odity - and you end up with lots of face painted mohican / Pathfinder / extra pocket covered types wondering around, supposedly representing the average paratrooper Collectors want to see all the bits - but often reenactors can
  4. Anymore Photos folks Plus, Does anyone know if the Film footage is available anywhere - either to buy on DVD or to watch online etc etc ?
  5. Could be he already had a red cross on that side - hence putting flag on left ?
  6. OK, so far from all the photos Ive seen, I'm getting = 513th = Flags right shoulder 194th = No Flags GPs = Mix of Brasards / Flags / either shoulder 507th = bugger all pictures ? Other = Flags right shoulder What have you got to support / disprove these ?
  7. Cool I'll have one of them when it comes out Looks like no straps on the shell.
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