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  1. Back from a long hiatus, found another picture for the thread. 504th in Sicily, looks like that same photo studio so many of these pictures have come from.
  2. Definitely keep as is. These knives in particular had so many custom made sheaths/scabbards by the men they were issued to. Great item! :thumbsup:
  3. Thanks everyone! Hopefully it will continue to expand!
  4. Great uniform Doyler! I like how he used just the Ranger scroll and left out the tab on the 101st patch.
  5. The blade has either been parkerized or painted black. If you shine light on certain spots, you can see the original factory finish reflecting under the darker one. I am guessing this was done to hide such a bright reflection on the battlefield.
  6. Here they are! L to R: Blade marked Utica M3 with an M6 MILSCO scabbard, L.F.&C 1918 Trench Knife, 1918 Au Lion MkI Trench Knife
  7. Fantastic jacket! Glider items are always great! :thumbsup: Mike
  8. My favorite part L to R: Blade Marked Utica M3 with modified M6 MILSCO scabbard, L.F.&C 1918 Trench Knife, 1918 Au Lion Mk I Trench Knife
  9. Hi everyone, here is my small airborne collection. This is about 2 and 1/2 years worth of collecting. Thanks for looking!
  10. Great additions Tony! You truly have an outstanding collection.
  11. Very nice set you have there! Looks like they have been together a long time!
  12. Why not have both be posted, collectors such as yourself who specialize in Airborne items should be able to put a label on whether the patch is WWII era or not. Also, I think it is ok if we have fakes, as long as the person who posts the picture labels them correctly. We should be able to compare repro and original.
  13. That's unfortunate that it may be like that. I guess there is always someone who will take something like that and use it to rip people off :crying: If you guys wish not to post dimensions that is perfectly fine, maybe we can at least have a photographic reference!
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