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  1. Some more 34th Div helmets - D.
  2. QMC painted helmet, floral (roses) artwork is outstanding on this one-
  3. A SOS acquisition, 3rd Div helmet
  4. 82nd Div, camouflage painted helmet,
  5. 27th Div geometric red-white-black painted helmet.
  6. And a third 27th, dual insignia,
  7. Another 27th Div double insignia helm, also unidentified subordinate insignia.
  8. 27th Div double painted insignia, unsure of the subordinate unit.
  9. Adding a few more, great thread and great helmets, 8th Div (UK Mfg'd).
  10. This is an interesting thread and thank you for presenting it. Just wanted to add another helmet from my collection. The helmet received a total camouflaged painted finish across the external shell surface in gray-green with white and brick-orange/brown non-bordered irregular patches. I have no background on this one so anything is possible, but it does stand a chance pattern-wise (at least) of being used in the field.
  11. one more, another patriotic/poppy floral theme
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