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  1. May I ask for pictures of the tiger fabrics fully spread out? That would be great
  2. Is it two-side printed fabric, or woodland and desert fabric sewn together?
  3. I am pretty sure that it was posted in the "for sale" section. I need some money, so I decided that I have to narrow down my camo collection. I bought it in 2012 for 1500 Candian Dollars. Plus customs and VAT, so I didn't make any profit with the ebay auction. I still have some tigers in the closet. And a lot of British windproof. But it isn't that easy to part with this stuff.
  4. This time someone bid on the shirt auction. Thank's for the offer, Owen
  5. So what's to do? End the auction ( though it isn't clear if anyone would bid the beginning price )? Is there anyone in Europe with the knowledge to eamine it and tell if it's authentic or repro? Or would any of you guys could make a final judgement if you would have it in your hands?
  6. Maybe Vix Steel can help with information:
  7. I hope so. It looks like A1. I cannot read the date. I tried to take better pictures of the stamps again:
  8. Hello Klaxon, do you have a link? I tried to find it, but without success.
  9. It is mine. I bought it here on the forum from Vix Steel. I think he posted it in a uniform thread too, but I'm not sure.
  10. Moore is selling an "Apocalypse Now" Cpt. Willard uniform set. They are using the silver pattern. But if I remember correctly, in the movie Willard wears the classic pattern, didn't he? Posted on soldiersystems: soldiersystems.net/2015/08/30/the-col-kurtz-uniform-package-from-moore-militaria
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