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  1. It will be post 1984. The "Crossed Arrow" collar insignia was adopted in 1984 for the newly created Special Forces Branch.
  2. Preston, Nice looking helmet. The EGA really makes it stand out. Rolf
  3. Wow! That appears to be the winged foot insignia of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment. And it's painted over the insignia that appears on the other side of the helmet. I hope to see more detail on those crested insignias.
  4. I have not seen that crest before. In some ways it looks like a modified 507 PIR but backwards and no color separation on the shield.
  5. So, I finally talked my friend into a picture of his Airborne Instructor helmet.
  6. That is a picture of SGT Reita Lewis and she was attached to Ground Training Branch. The picture was taken 1976-1977. She married one of my best friends SSG Jim Los who was attached to Tower Training Branch with me. Just a side note: Reita was the first women to attend and graduate from the Pathfinder Course in 1978. Here is another picture from the same time period. Kind of small and no view of the decals but you can see the gloss black helmet (yes, I know it's a black and white photo and all helmets appear black).
  7. Last picture. Although you can't see the name or side decals you can see the gloss black helmet on this female Airborne Instructor.
  8. FYI: Pictures of Ft. Benning helmets and liners OCS TAC Officer OCS Candidate Possible 4th Student Bn. Cadre helmet
  9. "Dark green!!!!" It looks black in your pictures. Soooo, possibly it is a airborne company cadre helmet. Let me break down the Infantry School a little bit so you understand how the Airborne school was organized back before the 507th was activated 1984. The School Brigade (TSB) was the headquarters for many infantry based schools including OCS, Ranger School, Infantry Officers Basic Course, Advanced Non Commissioned Officers Course, The Basic Airborne Course, etc, etc, etc . The Basic Airborne Course consisted of two elements: The 4th Student Battalion which consisted of airborne tr
  10. Hi Jim, A little information on your Ft, Benning helmets: Liner first. Your liner is an OCS TAC Officer liner. You will notice that it is not an airborne liner so it would not be matched to an airborne pot. The OCS candidates wore liners similiar but with an OCS decal in the front and no blue band. The remnants of the decals above the "Follow Me" are not familiar to me so I can't comment about them. Steel pot. This helmet is very similar to the helmets issued to the instructors of the Airborne School except our helmets had our rank and names in white across the back of the helmet. The
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