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    WW2 ETO GI militaria collecting. Mainly collect combat items such as field gear, uniforms, boots, helmets, rations, demolition items, weapons, knives, personal items, and smoking related. Infantry, Combat Engineer, and Armor, I gave up Airborne collecting a long time ago and sold or traded those items off. I concentrate on the Normandy Campaign and The Bulge.<br /><br />Always looking for items for my collection!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks Troy, Yes the liner insignia was definitely painted on twice. Also the liner appears to have been repainted and underneath is a layer of white paint. I haven't been able to find anything on the soldier however to be honest I haven't had a chance to do much digging. Bryan
  2. Here's my helmet that I picked up at the TN Militaria Collectors Association show last April.
  3. I have a 91st marked fixed bail with the matching liner that I picked up recently at the TN Militaria Collectors Show last April. Will post some pictures tomorrow morning.
  4. Any ideas what takedown tool is below the multi-screwdriver? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'll be there, been going to this show since 1992. Picked up many great items over the years at this show!
  6. RIP Craig, my thoughts are with you, your family, and your friends.
  7. No markings at all. I agree it's definitely some type of tool roll. It came out of a very large lot of WW2 thru Vietnam field gear from Camp Lejeune, NC in the early 70's.
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