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  1. Similar incident from Fort Carson, CO https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1987-11-11-mn-13633-story.html
  2. came across this one ata local flea market. Felt base, fully embroidered and just over 5" tall.. I kind of remember a USAF fighter squadron had something similar.... but that was quite a long time ago. Any ideas?
  3. very nice grouping. Always good to have the history with the items!!
  4. could the 3rd army be 1/5 not 115? Thanks for all the education!!
  5. Picked these up in a lot last weekend. these variations I have not seen before. Can anyone help me with some information?? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks! I never even thought about it being a sweetheart item!!
  7. I don't recall seeing this variant before, with the lighter blue and the gold border. Can anyone give me any information on this patch?? Thanks in advance
  8. I listed a group of 29 photos of I Co. 16th Inf in Porto Rico, 1898 on ebay item # 254121820771
  9. Thank you! that is just the information I was looking for. Now if the interview can be arrainged..... Regards, -Ed
  10. Hello All, I went to a party tonight and ran into the woman that ran the estate sale at which I acquired this grouping. She informed me that SFC Doolittle is in an assisted living facility about 40 miles away. I asked her if she thought he would be up to an interview. She said he would probably enjoy it, as he is so proud of his wartime experiences. Here is the problem. I have never done such an interview. What questions would be appropriate and what kind of equipment is best to record it? Any advice would be appreciated. I will post an update if this works out. Regards, -Ed
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