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  1. My favorite was the scallopped potatoes & pork. yum
  2. used a starlight like that when they were new. They are sensitive to daylight, so take care.
  3. A rather unique item that I recently acquired.
  4. Hi Bill, very interesting. PITA would have a canary today!
  5. I believe the barrell is 0riginal colt marked chrome lined. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Stay safe. regards, -Ed
  6. It is an Olympic Arms Lower receiver, but has the speckled colt pistol grip
  7. Looking today and found my answer on the BCG. it is from an early Colt AR15 . Still works fine in this rifle, just not the correct vintage.
  8. I pick this up recently at a local pawn shop. i discovered that all the parts except the lower receiver appear to be 1969-71 Colt manufacture. I have not sen a bolt carrier like this one and was wondering if anyone had information on it. Also, I could use an approximate value for insurance purposes. Thanks in advance.
  9. you could keep an issued cleaning kit in it, but it was also a good place to stash a doobie.......just sayin.....
  10. Similar incident from Fort Carson, CO https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1987-11-11-mn-13633-story.html
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