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    For 15 years I have been collecting Military artifacts from the War of 1812 to present. I own a 1967 M35A2 and a 1943 GPW. We have an Estate Liquidation business which allows my wife and myself to travel all over and find interesting items for our collection. We also have 7 Jeeps and are avid off-roaders and hikers.
  1. last weekend I picked up some ww2 marine BDU s so I think they are ww2. you be the judge. the paints look like nos, no wear. the blouse has some were on it, the uniform came from a marines estate.
  2. last week i went to a garage sale last week, found what I would call a strange e-tool. if any one out their knows any thing about it. I could use the help, its made well just like the ames e-tool but no markings.
  3. pick up some WWII marine items ,a trunk and some EGAs. the trunk has some nice decals on it.
  4. last Saturday we were in snow flake Arizona. came across a yard sale, they had some tools and misc, items, in the front yard. not much to look at ! so I try to look in the back and side yards. so their it was, half covered by a boat. I ask if the owner wanted to sale, he said $150 dollars. and the rest is history. now I had to get it back to California, I was driving my jeep Comanche. U-Haul wanted to much for a rental trailer.so I disassembled trail and was able to fit under the camper shell and brought it home. it was made by FWD AUTO CO, EAGLE DIV. FOR THE SIGNAL CORPS.
  5. picked up two hhc; 1st military intelligence bn. for 2 bucks.
  6. pick this 1946 tokyo phone book up last week, it was compiled by the 71st sig, sv, bn,. GENERAL MACARTHER has his office numbers are in it.
  7. i have been behind posting new acquisitions. these i got at an estate sale a month ago,and i don't know to much about them.
  8. picked this U.S.M.C. magazine pouch up a couple of days ago, its pretty cool !
  9. This topic may be moved, last Sunday i watched the trailer to red tails, and wow !!!!!!! its about the Tuskegee air man.the special effects will blow your mind !!!!!!!!!! the trail is on line, punch in red tails.
  10. Saw the trailer at the theater, all i can say at this time !!! wow!!! you can watch the trailer on line, punch in RED TAILS
  11. Pick up this air force jacket for $12 at a swapmeet last sunday.. it has a crew chief patch.
  12. the post is a bad m100 trailer axle housing, the axle shaft is a worn out gpw shaft that i cut down, the drum is from a gpw that is been over cut,still has the wheel bearings so it will rotate, the base is from a weighted table with the skin off so it is rough cast iron. the rim is still usable.
  13. Me and my wife own some military vehicles, and we love jeeps. we have a 1943 gpw with a combat Restoration. so when she asked me to make her a coffee table, i knew just what to make. i had a original combat rim with a Kelly tire on it dated 1944. this is the results of my work ! hope you guys get a kick out it.
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