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  1. I have a mess kit marked E.A. Co. and dated 1944. Cany anyone identify themanufacturer and location of the company? Thanks!
  2. Jon: So which is the 1st AA Battalion's SSI? The aircraft over the shell or the shell between the AA?
  3. While conducting an inventory of the California National Guard Historical Collection stored at Camp San Luis Obispo, we came across this pushcart in one of the storage rooms. It is not an M1940 Quartermaster Cart. So what is it? Is it military issue? Could this be older cart issued by the Army before the M1940? This might be a state-supplied supply cart fabricated by state agencies (i.e., San Quentin and or Folsom State Prisons) Camp San Luis Obispo (also known as NG Training Camp, San Luis Obispo (1928-1937) and Camp Merriam (1937-1940) was established in 1928 as a state-owned training
  4. I have a M1912 Holster marked G&K. Can anyone provide the name of the company?
  5. I am trying to identify and date the Officer's Katana sword shown below. Is this a private purchase version of the Type 94 shin guntō or a family sword that was passed down. Its interesting that the scabbard has a small wheel at the bottom. Thanking everyone in advance
  6. I think this is the 40th Infantry Regiment. The 40th Division wasnt designated an "Infantry Division"until 1942.
  7. Worn by the California State Guard in WWII. Still worn by the California Cadet Corps.
  8. is there anything on the reverse? I've never seen this before.
  9. As the historian for the California National Guard, I want to thank for preserving his uniform, if you should decide to dispose of this uniform in the future, please contact me.
  10. You might want to check the National Archives in College Park, MD. By the way, I would like to get copies of you research. I am the historian for the California National Guard Dan Sebby, SGM Military Historian, California Military Department daniel.sebby@militarymuseum.org
  11. The fatigue shirt with the 40th Armored Division patch and the "EATON" nametape probably belonged to MG Homer Eaton, the Division Commander.
  12. The California Home Guard wore grey versions of the standard uniform during WWI after the National Guard was mobilized. But I have never seen the service hat before. All of the photos I have seen show them wearing campaign hats. Now there was a private military society that had no official tie to the National Guard and they were known as the California Grey's. I suspect that this is one of those uniforms. Dan Sebby, SGM Post Historian, Camp San Luis Obispo
  13. Mike- I am a historian for the California State Military Department. Is it possible to get a copy of these images? Many of these images have been lost or destroyed the two fires that the Adjutant General's Office suffered in the 1960's. You can respond via e-mail to daniel.sebby@gmail.com. I am looking forward to your reply. Daniel M. Sebby, SGM Post Historian, Camp San Luis Obispo
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