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  1. WOW, that's cool man, was it made out of wood or metal, or both? or do you know? It really is cool, I like that top, never seen another like it anywhere. That roof line is definitely different, and really looks great.
  2. Well the G.I.'s look to be wearing M-43 Field Coats & OD's & Brown leather boots. Those helmets seem to be right in tune with the era of the boot's as well, and I saw at least one Brown .45 holster too. It could still be "post Korean" but I think by Vietnam we had Black leather boots and .45 holsters. They might have still used a similar helmet though, not sure there. That's my observation anyway.
  3. Yes, that is a good pic and a nice looking M151. I like the short water fording pipe, I think that's about the shortest one I have seen. I must always be careful with mine if I go riding in the woods or dirt roads with low hanging limbs. Mine is taller than my window frame by a good bit, so too is my exhaust pipe. One sure way to break something is to forget about those things sometimes...LOL
  4. Came Home from town today with three complete Mounted Cooper Cross Country Tires that have good tread and no dry rot anywhere. There are a few small rust spots on the rims, but nothing that won't clean right up. I paid $60.00 each for them, and could only have gotten a complete set of Five if my wallet wasn't deflated and empty. I will try to get a few more next time I can afford it. At least now I can take two dry rotted ones off and still have an awesome spare, plus two good "may-pops" for back-up...LOL.
  5. I still got lots of work to do on it, and I don't have the paint or anything yet, just primer for now. I hope ya'll like how it turned out as much as I did.
  6. I been mostly on G838 and G503 lately, and I remembered having originally posted here, so I thought I would update the post a little. I recently fixed that big cut out hole in the pic that you see on the passenger side. I have pics, a few anyway, and will try to get them in here for the update. That big hole is no longer there, so it looks better now. I still got plenty more to go around, but this area is starting to look great now. The pics didn't come out in order like I thought, I goofed a little there, but you can see the work that I did and the hole is "gone" thank goodness. Now on to the
  7. What type of transmission Fluid should I try to use in my MUTT? I tried to use the search on it here, but had no luck... I thought I remembered someone saying something somewhere, but I could not find it.... Also is there a vent on this tranny someplace? I couldn't find one yet just crawling under it... I don't know where to look. I been wanting to take my shifter handle out and look at it, but I been too scared to mess with it, after reading other post's about things getting jammed up or something... The only reason I want to take it out is to see if that is the reason I have so much slop
  8. I'm not exactly sure which MUTT I have for certain, the info I got so far by postings, etc.. is that it could be a 63-64 Willy's or Kaiser body that I have, a strait M151 with A2 parts, such as the windshield, air cleaner, electric wipers, steering wheel, stuff like that, but mine will also be registered as a ford (1967) very soon, as I will go with whats on the plate for registration purposes... I think someone had said someplace that there may be a body tag under the grill somewhere if I take it off, and if it survived, I could tell more then perhaps. I don't see a tag on the firewall yet, I
  9. That's a cool looking Tank, and I must add... that I thought for years the Tank sitting outside one of the Local VFW's was an M60, but a good friend of mine (Tank driver/loader) told me it isn't an M60. It's some experimental version, that proudly displays the larger 120MM gun on the turret.... I thought that was way more cool than if it were a standard M60. Sorry I don't have any pics, and they moved that tank in the years past, I'll have to ask my buddy where they put it. It's still in town I think, but I don't get down that way much, so I forgot where it sits now. There was a crap load of h
  10. Hey, that's not a bad idea... I had been strongly urging myself not to hit the print button on the 700+ page TM manuals LOL, the paper and the ink alone would cost me way more than that if I did it here at home. I will keep that in mind, and thank you...
  11. I got it done, I'm registered now on the G838 site...
  12. I had noticed that info in the manuals about the silicone brake fluid, I dont have any of that, so I will have to look around for a source to get some. All I have is standard DOT3 brake fluid, so I will look around, and thank you for the info on the brakes... Dave.
  13. That's really helpful, I do have manuals, plenty of them, all in PDF files. I was hoping someone would have just known how to do it, I have never adjusted brakes before....
  14. I have been trying to register at G838 for a while now, but no response. I checked my spam folder and everything, but no response. I still also can't log in, so I was wondering if anyone here is a member there, maybe shoot me a PM, or one of their moderators a PM, and see if I can get registered. I love their site, but can't communicate or post anything... HILLBILLY-06.
  15. I just thought I would ask if anyone knows if the 4 wheel drum brakes can be adjusted via the two small holes in the backing plate, and if so, which hole is what and which direction to turn the adjuster to tighten it? The brakes on mine were soft when I got it, and I been tinkering with stuff, just wonder about brake adjustment. One wheel will lock up good going down hill, the others seem to need "maybe adjusting to catch up to it"?
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