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  1. This came off one of my father in laws flight jackets. He was a WW2--Vietnam Navy pilot. Anybody know about this patch? Thanks
  2. These are hard cast urathane molded off early FNH versions of the MK 16 MOD 0 and MK 17 MOD 0. The 5.56 MM units have been in service for the last 3 years with the boat teams and were constructed for wet environment use. Each one is weighted to approximate a loaded weapon. They are painted and the colors are slightly different compared to the currently fielded live rifles. The sights were molded in the down position as they would eventually get broken off. These 2 had small blems and the SCAR 16 was 4oz too heavy to make the cut for the contract. Next to a live rifle at 5 feet you can't see the difference except for the flash suppressor.
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