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  1. Has anyone heard from him? I placed an order and it has not been received. Tried calling with no answer and the phone message box is full. Thanks,
  2. Anyone know the different makers and serial number ranges for the LOM medals? Looks like there is at least four different styles of numbers. Thanks,
  3. I don't believe so. I think it should have different makers mark on the pin assembly.
  4. Just purchased a small group of the full size Master Navigator wings like this if anyone is interested in purchasing one.
  5. Will try to go this year. Maybe I can find a WWII Navy Cross set.
  6. Can you post a picture of it? What is the medal?
  7. Yes, They are Texan. Those are the interesting cacti attachment on the first ribbon bar..
  8. Cannot seem to find the identity of this ribbon bar. Has some nice Christmas colors to it. Thanks,
  9. Ebay has been full of WWII Purple Hearts the last two days. They just pulled that Iwo Jima listing. Bid was over $1000. I don't know if that is the going price for one or not.
  10. I feel your pain on bending the lapel pin. Had a nice Silver Star lapel pin that I ran over with the wheel of my chair.
  11. Is it all one bronze piece? Maybe a test strike of the die?
  12. I see Orville, but my eyes have been screwed up ever since the eye surgeons "fixed" them.
  13. Does anyone have experience setting up a "GoFundMe" account? May want to set one up to obtain donations to the legal fund.
  14. Did not find much this year. Why do dealers NOT but prices on their items and then leave their booth with nobody that knows any prices? Did not buy any empty WWII Air medal cases this year. One dealer used to have them really cheap from a large hoard but did not see his booth this year.
  15. How long does it usually take to vote on it once it has been introduced?
  16. Is there going to be a booth or something at the SOS where we can sign a petition against this bill?
  17. The way I am reading this, it is only for issued medals. Which I would think are the officially engraved medals. Privately engraved medals would not be impacted since it was privately done and not government issue. Medals that are sold by, for example Graco or through a US Government surplus auction, would not be impacted by this terrible law. Does anyone else read it like this?
  18. Anyone know what this red and black ribbon bar is for? Appears to be an old Navy and Marine Corps size. Maybe WWII or older. Scan shows a USAF ribbon bar next to it for size comparison. Thanks,
  19. "or any of the service medals or badges awarded to the members of such forces, or the ribbon," This makes it sound like they are trying to do this to all medals-not just the Purple Heart medal. Or is it just a badly written bill?
  20. What are the price ranges on the French made DSM? The ribbon drape on the one that I found appears to have a WWII US drape with slot brooch/sewn on brooch pin assembly. Thanks,
  21. Sounded like a wild and crazy auction. Wish I was there. $1500 medal mixed up in a bag with $3 medals. Those bag lots were gold to the people that were able to see them in person.
  22. That one lot had a WWII Navy Distinguished Service medal with three gold stars on it. Also looked like a French made US DSC in there. Any idea who the DSM was awarded to? Cannot be to many people awarded that many Navy DSM.
  23. These are illegal products made in China. I have been reporting these sellers on ebay for years with no results. Have even called Vanguard to tell them about it. Nothing has changed. The fakers are still faking.
  24. Purchase a WWII Army DSC in the black case with the name on the lid. Not numbered. Cannot determine the maker of the medal though. Does not appear to be a Robbins medal since there is no black pin assembly. Which companies made the unnumbered DSC? Thanks, This should have been the first post on this thread.
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