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  1. Going through my "picked it up cheap, never bothered with it again" box of medals and badges purchased in the 1980's I ran across this USMC Philippine Campaign medal re-strike. Another collector I know said the chocolate patina reminded him of some Davidson strikes he had seen. Neither of us are very experienced in these types of variations. It is a sharply detailed strike with soldered loop at top. Or is it just a copy with bad alloy mix? Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Warbird, U.S. Ninth Army
  3. Japanese made versions of these US medals typically had the "ball" type suspender as shown in your picture. Japanese made would be correct. The coarser ribbons on them are appropriate for these medals. Dave
  4. Here is an example from my collection. The bar is pinned through the front of the ribbon drape.
  5. 36-tex, this looks like a U.S. made version of the RV Air Gallantry Cross. Commercial versions are on the market to replace damaged pendant. The older U.S. copies are much better looking like the version on this rack. Here is a pic of an example I picked up at the Navy Exchange in Orlando in the early 1980's. The pic does not show true color, but it has the same tarnished silver wash on the cross arms. Great to see you found this medal on a rack! It is a great looking medal.
  6. jmar, great reference. I have always thought the design of this medal was quite striking. Here is an example in my collection.
  7. TRR, forgot to mention in my post, that is a beautiful custom made rack you picked up. Love seeing the more unusual RVN ribbons in U.S. groups. I'm sure someone will post actual regulation change date. I do not have access to my reference material currently.
  8. The Army used oak leaf clusters to denote subsequent awards at one time. I do not know the date when it was changed to a service star. Here is a line from an Army Forum discussion "I think it's also important to stress to our younger members that the awards regulation changes over time. The National Defense Service Medal, for example, used to be worn with a bronze oak leaf cluster to denote subsequent awards - but the reg changed and we now wear a bronze star for subsequent awards." Also I include this pic of a Vietnam SGFC casualty (non-hostile 1968) medals. Note boxed NDSM with oak leaf on m
  9. This is a commemorative medal. It was presented to your buddy as a souvenir or a "morale" item acquired by someone in the unit chain of command privately to give out as they saw fit. During Operation Restore Hope someone was selling these sets (see pics) of this medal, the UN medal for Somalia and a jacket patch.
  10. cap_george, these bars do show up in mounted groups. Here is one example I own.
  11. Looks like a good way to be buried alive. If I recall there was an example of GI's hiding in foxholes while tanks went overhead in the movie "Patton". Didn't look too comfortable (or survivable).
  12. This is more of the WW2 through Korea document find I listed in New Finds. 35th Infantry Div. certificate for the Bronze Star. What is interesting this soldier kept the original citation orders and the description of actions on the on the certificate were typed word for word by the clerk from the original orders. I have seen many certificates without the original orders and wondered how accurate they were to the actual incident for which they were awarded. Note embossed seal on original orders and cover page.
  13. First details of Latest Finds posting, WW2 through Korea. Temporary promotion documents for an enlisted man. He must have been a real go-getter as another document shortly after this time period is for his commission (more on that later). Yes the 741 patch is a greenback!
  14. Acquired from friend of my wife. Her father served WW2 through Korea. Started out enlisted, made officer. Amazing amount of original documentation plus his own hand written lists of service stations and areas of operations. Will be listing items in appropriate forums in the near future. First post will be about the 741st Tank Bat. in the patch section.
  15. I will post pics about the medal in the medals section. I have some questions about it. To calm down interest it is not numbered (drats!). Dave
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