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  1. I know this topic is 5 years old... The grouping is at the moment in my possession, and I'm glad that its still the same! Does someone maybe know why he has a artillery garrison cap? (something I can't figure out...)
  2. Hi guys, Maybe you can help me out. Recently I've bought 2 repro usmc mid war shelter halfs Now, my problem is, is it normal that one outerside end has the buttons and the holes and the other doesn't? Now I can't close both sides properly of the tent. Is this also normal with original ones or just a manufacturing fault? Thanks!
  3. Also possible to admire it at the site of Camp Croft: Camp Croft IRTC Belgium
  4. I know there's an oval on my blade but can't read what's in it because of the rust... Maybe it's also FD or PAL... If it's FD , is it still a pal? or?
  5. Blade measures 5 inch, so it is an RH-35?
  6. Hi Guys, yesterday I bought this knife at a garage sale you could say. I thought it was something from the vietnam era, but after a while researching I found out it could be wwii era. Now my question, what kind of knife is it? It has some elements from the RH-34, RH-36 and also the colors from the RH-35 Can't find any markings, but there is a fade mark of pal
  7. No doubt about it! If you guys are interested, just let us know Maybe we could learn each other some things
  8. Thanks guys for your opinions, didn't know that they introduced the white circle with the M-1 Thanks!
  9. What do you guys think of this helmet? I know the bolt attaching the liner to the shell is new; the chinstrap, while a WWII rayon civil defense strap isn't correct. But I need some opinions about the the markings... They look handmade but they also don't look this old... Thanks, Nicolas
  10. Nope, it wasn't mine, I wanted to buy it, but something in me said that it wasn't genuine WWII painting. That's why I asked it Regards
  11. Harlan, you're the best :thumbsup: Finally some good arguments how to know if it's a good one or not! (should have asked it earlier ) Thanks for al the info! Now I also can search for a WWII medical helmet! Thanks guys!!! Really thanks!!!
  12. What do you guys think from this medic westinghouse liner? Genuine or fake? Because I can't see the difference :think:
  13. Merci! Joachim recommended me this helmet Because finding a genuine medic helmet is difficult... Regards
  14. What are some opinions about the panels? Genuine or fake? What kinda value does this helmet has? (quite damaged) Hope you guys can help! Thanks!
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