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  1. Does anyone have any knowledge? 🙄 I still couldn't get anything new for this medal :) thank you Lubos
  2. Cool. The ribbon on the uniform is reversed :)
  3. Friends, I need a little help with this medal. Thanks to a very nice approach of a members of this forum I managed to get all possible information about Stanley Skrzypek. Except for one essential one.. What was the reason for awarding the medal? In the newspaper article, the citation is mentioned: For heroic action against the enemy on january 13,1945. At Hill 580 private Skrzypek displayed outstanding courage and devotion tu duty in manning a machinegun under terfific small arms and mortar fire and supporting the advance of the troops until he was finnaly ki
  4. Hi all, I've probably asked, but I can't find it. I read somewhere that some WWII wings dont have a manufacturer's marking due to competition. That they were not allowed to put company marking on badges. Is it true? Some wings that do not have the manufacturer's marking can be from the same company as wings with the logo? If that's true - could anyone write me more? When was it introduced and why? Collectors prefer to collect wings with a lmarking - are those without a marking "worse" or just don't have a marking but were made by the same quality company? thank you ver
  5. Super. thanks a lot gentleman Lubos
  6. Hello everyone, I want to ask - this certificate is for injury in 2006 - IRaq, Afghanistan?? Or replacement for another conflict? WWII, Vietnam...It is not mentioned in it. Is it recognizable? Thank you Lubos
  7. Hobza

    CIB WWII ?

    Hi, What do you think about this badge ? pin looks like British made, but there is no email in front. Only colored. it's alright ? WWII? thank you Lubos
  8. Gentlemen thank you very much. I appreciate it. Lubos
  9. Hello everyone, I want to ask you for your opinion on these wings. Are from WWII? or later? or..? They have a pin back, which suggests WWII, but I want to be sure. thank you very much Lubos
  10. After the discount from 4,500,000 it's a good price... isnt? =D
  11. Hobza

    WWII? wings

    Thanks a lot for the exhaustive answer. Lots of new and interesting information. You have a beautiful collection and knowledge. Thank you very much Lubos
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