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    US arms and related gear, US medals, Naval Shooting Badges 1904-1914. Military sidearms of WWII. German field gear.

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  1. Thanks for sharing his story and heroism. G2
  2. Thanks for that update. That takes care of the idea James was a WW1 vet... G2
  3. Bringing this back with some new (old) info. I found my notes and the other possible name to the medal group is James M. Cuthbertson. aznation, if you feel like attacking it again perhaps new info could be found. Many thanks for what you do. G2
  4. Happy to say I bought all three. Thanks gijoeonthego for the heads up. G2
  5. Wonderful post! Doubt if one could be found that has better documentation. Excellent! G2
  6. A fellow collector, since passed had a number of dies from the US Mint and others (probably Studley). They were mostly campaign and IIRC a WWI Victory. I should have bought them. G2
  7. Kurt, super cool and historic group. The Yangtze Campaign is a rarity with the gold Distinguished badges "icing on the cake". Home run! G2
  8. Rare, rare and rare! Excellent piece and very seldom seen. G2
  9. I'll join the consensus, they both are good pieces with proper engraving. G2
  10. Glad they are so easy to recognize. G2
  11. Thanks, nice to an EM. Saw your posts on IG. G2
  12. My contribution to the thread. Luther Martin Overstreet Naval Cadet USNA was on the USS Oregon at the Naval battle of Santiago. During WWI he received the NC for Transport duties and combating the U Boat threats. G2
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