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    US arms and related gear, US medals, Naval Shooting Badges 1904-1914. Military sidearms of WWII. German field gear.

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  1. My contribution to the thread. Luther Martin Overstreet Naval Cadet USNA was on the USS Oregon at the Naval battle of Santiago. During WWI he received the NC for Transport duties and combating the U Boat threats. G2
  2. Did the same many years back. Washington came off a Purple Heart medal. Roughed up both sides with a fine point chisel and used some super glue. Worked OK. If you plan on using heat I'd say you'll ruin the finish. G2
  3. Nice! Thanks for the post. G2
  4. Great purchase! USMM items are underrated and rare, IMNSHO. I have an attributed MSM but unfortunately not the documents. Bravo Sir! G2
  5. Nice! Please post the story on him. G2
  6. Jackpot! Did you win the lottery? :-) G2
  7. Kurt and I both know an unscrupulous "collector" that would offer to frame a veterans medal and then would return the frame with newer medals. Not suggesting this example is like that, but how many vet's or vet's families have requested reissue awards later in time. G2
  8. This is a perfect example on the stupidity of the legislation prohibiting the sale / ownership of our nations highest award for valor. As collectors in this country age or die these medals will go out of our nation and be sold due to their value. Our history will go with the medal. This is one of the unintended consequences of the Stolen Valor Act. Same with the sleeping legislation on Purple Heart medals. Why politicians and the other stupid persons are pushing these laws is beyond my comprehension. G2
  9. I should have kept looking at their site. A WWI cased DSC for $795, A Pacific pilot cased NC for $695, A China Marine GCM with Soochow Creek with photo album and docs for $2295. Normally there pricing is in outer space. Not this time. G2
  10. Nice grouping and at a great price. Wish I saw it first. G2 Link: https://www.ima-usa.com/products/original-u-s-wwii-4th-marine-raider-battlaion-silver-star-medal-photos-documents-grouping?variant=31191459397701&trk_msg=2GIA9A69ALC4P5IFIV1OB15EQG&trk_contact=4IC2LCT0TLLI4SO01KFI1EG47O&trk_sid=5I0RJHC9I2NCLEFIAT6DN3E3PS&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=Product&utm_campaign=20200201&utm_content=20200201
  11. The listing was on Gunbroker and sold for $250. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/853375831 G2
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