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  1. No the Dupont Wildcat went somewhere.....I used to love seeing that all beat up and like it was through the war!
  2. Unfortunately, even with all the aircraft there, they couldn't pull this off with the only thing out of their control......the weather. Ceiling was just too low both Friday and Saturday a couple of weeks ago to make it work. Such a shame.....this took a lot of time and planning and money. Hats off to the organizers and those that brought the aircraft. I caught some of the planes as they were grounded on Friday and then left for home on Saturday.
  3. Definitely! I have over 50 1/48th scale Mustangs built on display in my basement, so I've probably made close to 75 or so in my life 🙂 Sorry, I honestly was just very proud of getting in a lot of the history in with the kit, and like I mentioned, as a model builder myself, it's kind of a bucket list thing to be involved like this with one!!
  4. And here is the first couple pages of the interview article with my friend Bill. What's really great is I was able to include all original pictures from his collection, as well as some documents and maps and other items, from him and the family of the pilot he shared the P-51 with.
  5. Here's the forward I wrote for the instruction manual, giving an overview of the VLR missions and the 3 fighter groups involved.
  6. Over a year and a half ago, when it was first announced that Eduard was going to be releasing a brand new 1/48 P-51 kit, I contacted the company and asked them to make a dedicated VLR (Very Long Range) P-51 boxing. Mostly, the P-51 is the same, the main difference being the twin antenna's on the spine, but also they used 110-and 165-gallon drop tanks with sway braces. I started off sending in photos, and eventually they told me they were going to do it. I worked with another gentleman to come up with paint schemes to choose from, and they ended up including one of every squadron (although t
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