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  1. Wow, that is awesome. Congrats, great group. Not much out there on the P-61 squadrons! And as a 7th AF collector, this one is top notch!
  2. Bringing this back up for today.....March 6, 1945......first 7th FC P-51's from the 15th Fighter Group land on Iwo Jima.
  3. Hi Dave, Just seeing this. Check your inbox on here. Look forward to talking to you about your grandfather! Thanks!
  4. Yes, reminds me of the USN heritage schemes. The USAF still has some going on, esp with the training units. Some of these might be pretty recognizable to WWII USAAF buffs.....
  5. Wow, what a find. Congrats on the win, nice to see it all work out and even with some challenges you were able to bring it home!!
  6. He's not too far from me.....might have to venture over some Saturday afternoon (looks like calling ahead first though)!
  7. I have several of the aircraft sets, and for the price, they are really really cool. My kids are into legos so I bought a couple to start out that we could 'build together' and I think they do such a good job for the price. The B-25 is pretty big but worth it. They have a B-17 coming out which should be neat. The corsair has folding wings, and all the aircraft have retractable gear. In case it wasn't mentioned, Amazon is the best place to get them.
  8. Some streaming services also have a trial period....like Hulu. I did that and watched Catch 22 then quit. Maybe Apple will offer something like that too.
  9. Been watching on the virtual radar to see if they would fly this way, but been pretty much staying over on the Jersey side. I did catch the P-51 yesterday at about 10000 ft! He circled the area once then went along his way. Only I have seen of them so far. Would of went over but saw them up in Hazleton a few weeks ago.
  10. Oh...and did anyone spot the P-51 in the trailer??
  11. I'm sure it's going to draw some ire from people, but the flying sequences look great and for the nostalgia, I will definitely be going to see it when it comes out!
  12. Yep, saw it yesterday at the top of the page. July 1 was the date for a lot of states. Oh well, yeah, I'll just keep it in mind now for bidding, but overall probably won't change my world too much!
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