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    The process of narrowing my collecting interests has led me to:

    Anything 141st Infantry Regiment 36th Infantry Division related 1916-1945.

    90th Infantry Division 358th Infantry Company L 1919 items.

    37th Infantry Division 145th Infantry Regiment Company D 1918 items

    3rd Infantry Division, 7th Infantry Regiment Company G 1919 items

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  1. Thank you gents. I actually did find a really neat discovery. He was MIA in the Vosges Mountains and then returned to duty a few days later according to one of the Telegrams not shown in the listing. That would have been about 20 days or so before the actual encirclement leading to the 'Lost Battalion' so it is safe to say he was one of those original men,
  2. Anyone know more about these?
  3. Thanks AG. I don't know alot about them but I knew the fabrics felt period.
  4. Picked this up recently and totally confused on what I have. It all seems real but I cannot find one similar anywhere. Does anyone know what type this is? Plastic sweatband, usmc style pointed crown, euro size mark, non US fabric inside and evidence of a clutch back insignia on front.
  5. Caseloadr, I may have some items that I will offloading from other battalions in the 141st. Don't know if I have any 'I' company stuff from WW2 but I will let you know come April.
  6. Thanks! Does this mean he was a Jewish service member? Shows he was married by a Reverend.
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