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  2. Hi David, Well, you've got the experts interested; let's keep our fingers crossed. Anyway, we have the 36th ID'd. Have a good weekend Barry
  3. Very impressive sleuthing Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Something's bound to turn up. Barry
  4. Re: The Mountain Goat patch Hi Mort and the rest of you folks, my thanks Doc for correctly identifying the patch as the 1-23d Inf; my apologies (to you too, Chris) and please let me know if you find any other embarrassing errors in my book. Since, as some of you know, I'm working on a new (and somewhat different) edition and it will be a snap to make the necessary corrections. I'm still looking for interesting patches to add to the new book and thrilled with your responses so far. You can send via usmilitaria or email pictures to BJS1@optonline.net and I'll be more than happy to include them
  5. I forgot all about this ID request. Good luck. The fella in Germany who sent this to me is still looking for an answer. I went through many back issues of the TP but got tired looking after a couple of hours.
  6. ASMIC or Amazon sell the book "U.S. Army Patches, Flashes and Ovals". It has info on most patches ie: symbolism, wear dates, and over 3000 color pictures
  7. Thanks for the help, all. BTW, Larry Stone did know the patch; he has one but wasn't able to attach a name to it. Thus, as MAA10mm suggested; it's down to the basement to go through the Trading Posts.
  8. Thanks all. Since I got this request for an ID from a fellow at USAREUR Military History Office it was definitely a unit in Germany. Note the rainbow colors, similar to US Army Europe. Anybody else out there?
  9. Thanks, I have most of ASMIC's Trading Posts but the thought of going through them all, ugh! But it's early; maybe I'll get lucky with another member. Again, thanks for taking the time to respond
  10. My name is Barry J. Stein, author of many books on military insignia including my latest publication “US Army Patches, flashes and Ovals” which I am currently in the process of updating. I would like to include in this new publication the 18th Transp. Co patch that you show on your website. This will be an important insignia reference book which I believe is worthy of your consideration. Among the organizations helping me in this endeavor are the Vietnam Dustoff organization, The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots rump, The Old Spooks and Spies website (ASA insignia), Mark Bando’s 101st Airborne WW I
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