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  1. Wow great pics! Do you know if they used these on M1910 gear as well? Where did you come across it if you dont mind me asking?
  2. Interesting...the guy wanted 800 for the whole thing including the gun.
  3. I was at a gun show recently and saw a navy pistol belt with sewn on pouches for a revolver, and cloth holster. These all had snaps with a navy anchor on them. I know what the USMC EGA from snaps look like and this was definately different. The gun that was selling with it was Colt Revolver with US Navy Markings. My question is was this a custom deal? or did the Navy have their own snaps on early M1910 gear? Any further info would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!
  4. Did each soldier really carry the shovels with this rig? Or was it unit specific? Does anyone have example pictures of this?
  5. Any idea? no one knows anything about blue dyed naval gear?
  6. Where did you find those Marine suspeders??? Did the Navy use them too? The other posts here dont seem to shed much light on them.
  7. thanks! great pic, any indeas on why some of the meat can pouches are smaller?
  8. Piched this up at a gun show the other week. It appears to be a M1910 cartridge belt dyed in a very dark blue. I saw the other post where someone put up a picture of a newer model. The guy i boughtit from said it was used by the Navy for landing parties etc. Any ideas? and did they dye other M1910 gear in this dark navy blue? Administrator note: three broken No_outside_hosting links have been removed as they were of no value. Without the flash
  9. Awesome, would you have those pics scanned by any chance? PS, anyone know what belt those sailors are wearing?
  10. What Items were issues to pre world war II sailors who were put ashore. I've seen these pictures from Veracruz, Mexico in 1914. Would these be regualr army M1910 packs or would they be marked for the Navy?
  11. Is the only difference between this M1907 belt and an Army one the EGA snaps?
  12. Can we break down what this Marine is wearing? From previous posts we can tell that those are special Marine Corps M1910 suspenders. Any idea on the pack, belt (M1903 special Marine pattern?) or bedroll? Heres another shot: What about these sailors getting ready to land in Veracruz:
  13. I've been a long time collector of militaria but have recently started collected pre WWII field gear. Is there a page that discusses how to ID USMC field gear versus army (besides the obvious "USMC" markings. Did earlier equipment, M1903 for example, also use the EGA snaps on certain equipment. The main focus of my collection is what the Marines were wearing during the early parts of the Caribbean Banana Wars. 1900-1920's I have a bunch of pictures but the small details that distinguish the items as "Marine" are not evident. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  14. The suspenders in the 1912 picture from Nicaragua are definately not the suspenders we are talking about as they are m1907 pattern. The ones in the recruiting poster and the pictrue from Veracruz, Mexico are accurate. This picture is from the US Marine occupation of Haiti. As far as I can tell, these suspenders were issued to Marines during the early years of the Banana wars.
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