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  1. Is this the real deal or an Army modified fake. The stamps look too clean but maybe it was just kept well. I think from looking at Alec's book that the "U.S.M.C." may be placed too low on the flap. However, I think he only has pictures of 1911 ones in his book so maybe the 1912 ones were placed higher up. Also I think the Army ones have a leather string to close the meatcan pouch unlike the Marine one. What do you guys think? I know Alec must have an idea. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, do you have a source for that? The cover in the M1912 field manual is hard to make out. Is this a rare item?
  3. Anyone know what this? Wonder if it's a cavalry hatchet cover but I have never seen one so I can't be sure. I know the G&K stands for Graton and Knight and the E.J.B. is the inspector stamp but the 1918 date is strange. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. US Victory Museum, Isn't there a 1907 pattern belt as well?
  5. What is the difference between an M1903/07 and an M1907? They look the same to me, the main feature (other than color) being the raised pouched and the extra space between pouches.
  6. These are Army. I was looking for a USMC black and white image from a field manual.
  7. I am looking for two pictures from a USMC manual in the early 1900s of a marine officer from the front angle and back angle. He is wearing leather web gear. Thanks guys!
  8. Found this while trying to find a first pattern M1910 shelter half. (to no avail) Anyway this a great reference the Army put together. It doesn't go into as much detail or have as many extra rare items as we do, but it had some things I did not know about. US Army Field Mess Gear (pdf) "U.S. Army Field Mess Gear is a study of Army mess gear compiled by David C. Cole, a former curator at the U.S. Army Center of Military History, Museum Division. This document may be used as a reference to assist in identifying Army material culture."
  9. A really interesting find. Not sure if its manufactured that way or if its an after factory alteration. Thanks for sharing. Any other pictures of the inside markings?
  10. Great thread. Now we just need one fro Pre wwi army shelter halves...
  11. Here are my two ARVN Ranger helmets. I know there are several threads dealing with this matter but I thought I would add mine to see what you guys thought. I am almost positive the ERDL one is legit, as I bought it from George Peterson. The other one I bought at a militaria show. I have never seen one online that is this color but It seems legit to me based on the decal and the aging. George also looked at it and said that it appears to be authentic. Any help in IDing the battalion would be greatly appreciated also. Thanks!
  12. i see the arsenal markings only on one of the straps but they look the same color. I can't see any markings inside the the flap itself. I guess I will have to try and look at it with night vision? I will also look through the records but have you ever seen a font like that? And do you know if the Arsenal produced any USMC items? Thanks for your help.
  13. Picked up this blanket bag and the USMC stamp does not look the like the ones I've seen in Alec's book with the period after each letter "U.S.M.C." However, it is an Indianapolis Arsenal bag, and he says in his books that all the Ordnance factories did their stamps a little differently. Also, on the bottom of the flap you can barely make out the following - "V. [?] [u?] S." Not sure what this could be. I would assume this is a 1889 blanket bag but I was hoping someone could tell me if its actually marine or if its an army fake. Thanks for the help guys!
  14. Another topic on one from WWI era. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...c=89197&hl=
  15. Bagman Thanks for the very informative advice. It's a shame that people have to distort history in order to make a buck. It makes no sense to me that there would be a Phila Depot stamp as well as a Long stamp on the same item. Seems almost too obvious to be fake but who knows. Thanks again!
  16. I believe these are pattern 1912 and are extremely rare because they only made them for a brief period of time in the Banana Wars.
  17. I picked this up online. The color looked more green in the picture. There is a triangle flap on one side and botton holes along two sides. Some of the botton holes are not punched through. There are no buttons anywhere which is strange and makes me think it is not World War I. I also have not seen any World War I shelter halfs with unit markings on them. Is this Pre WWI? Is the it supposed to be a more green color? Any additional picturs or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Without the flash the color comes up greener.
  18. So you're saying I bought a repro? There looks like there is too much fraying and metal shovel residue on the inside for it to be a repro. What about it makes you think its a repro?
  19. Thanks Tim, Do you have a source for this by any chance? Now I just need the other first pattern items
  20. Never heard of anything like this. The snap appears to have the Coast Guard emblem. http://cgi.ebay.com/SCARCE-MILLS-WEB-HOLST...=item53e66a52b1
  21. I also got these items at the show of shows. I picked up this M1910 pack for $180. There were a few others for around the same price. Stupidly I did not inspect it and after I left I realized one of the straps was torn off. All items do have USMC stamps on them though. USMC Bayonet Sheeth. There is some dried glue substance on the bottom part. Any Idea what this might be? Pre WWI First Aid Pouch What is the concensus on this shovel cover. Pre WWII? The guy I bought it from attached the price with duct tape. What is the safest way to get this off?
  22. I got this at the show of shows this weekend. It is a first pattern M1910. It is the only one I have seen that is kakhi. Is this normal for RIA first patterns? The Meat tin pouch looks to be a more greenish color but there are no markings on it so it may be a mix and match. Is there any info on which branch used Mills versus RIA? I've been looking through the forum and haven't seen any first patterns that are this tan. Thoughts??? No Flash With Flash The picture is not very clear but in person you can make out Rock Island Arsenal and the date is either 1911 or 1
  23. Very informative topic. Thanks for showing. Where did you find the date on your scabbard?
  24. I see you share my Banana Wars interest. I have been trying to make an impression for some time but the only USMC item I could get was the web suspenders. So Far this is the best I could come up with, not being able to find legit EGA items. Don't forget the P1912 USMC Combat Mills Suspenders. Here are some USMC pics to help you. Vera Cruz 1914: Haiti 1915:
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