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  1. I have an early set of M1941 Depot packs with the riveted strap attachments. When I go to wrap my shelter half around it in the horseshoe shape, only he haversack as a strap to tie it down on top. The knapsack has no straps along to side to keep it secure. What is used to secure it to the pack system on the sides?


    The official instructions just say, "bind the roll with the shelter tend straps and attach it to the transport pack. If you have only two blanket roll straps, thy must be used in the knapsack blanket roll strap loops for this pack."


    It tells me how to bind the roll, but how do I attach it?

  2. The reason the tan side looks sparser on the '44 Shelter Half is that the 1942 first-production tent poplin print omitted 1 set of spots on the tan side. Sometime in 1943 the process was refined by creating printing rollers with "reversed" spots for the tan side which were applied in alignment with their corresponding "brothers" on the green side, along with improved dyes which were more colorfast for sharper patterns. Some of the Halves made in 1943-44 were made utilizing the early canvas, either wholly or with a mix of the newer stuff, to use up all available material.

    I recently was blessed with a '44 Half identical to the one you're looking at, which was produced with the early-print poplin but utilized the "new improved" fabric for the reinforcement on the joining side which affixes to another Half.


    Thank you, sir. That was very informative. So essentially, my 1944 variant is the "old" style?

  3. Depending on price take them both.


    Tagged examples are hard to find (or use to be) maybe the market is way down but these saw hard use and survivors in that condition use to bring a premium.


    He wants $150 each. They have been sitting around in boxes with other gear for many years. How much more do tagged examples bring?


    Any idea why the pattern is different? Was the later pattern more associated with the Korean war?

  4. Pictured are two USMC shelter halves I picked up my a dealer friend. He is letting my choose which one to keep. The one on the left is a 1944 dated one with a more "cloth-like" feel to the materiel. It also has much darker green splotches compared to the 1945 dated one right.


    When flipped over to the beach side, the 1944 one also has a light beach side with the shapes spaced further apart.


    Which one should I choose? I am guessing the earlier one but I wanted the opinions on here, and maybe some additional insight into which is more rare. Thanks!








    Possible, the webbing seems pretty mismatched (on the rear straps) which I tend to doubt would meet the requirements of any military worldwide. The Israeli gear that showed up surplus was very well made, so this observation throws more doubt in my mind that this was made for them.


    attachicon.gif strap.jpg


    The thin strap circled above looks an awful lot like the coarse, thin webbing which shows up on those cheap looking M1 carbine slings.

    No they look like the same consistency.


    Did Israeli use M56 suspenders? I thought they were uniquely Israeli.


    I guess it's possible the US made these for export purposes which is how they wound up in the surplus store. That store definitely isn't buying anything from the Middle East.

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