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  1. Steven, Did you sell this cover to someone? Because I purchased from a dealer last year... and it's the same exact one...
  2. Hi Fritz, Do you have an up close picture of the USMC stamp? I'm on my way to building a full set of P1912 gear, so if you're ever looking to dump this, I'm your man!
  3. Does anyone know if BOYT made shovel covers for the Marines? I think I have a cover just like this at home.
  4. Thanks everyone. It looks like there are no discernible differences outside of the material and the markings. Is that the consensus?
  5. Anything? I'm surprised, as I can't imagine they would be identical.
  6. Other than color or the scant possibility of seeing a marking, is there any identifiable difference between a USMC P1912 meat can pouch and a US Army M1910 one from WW1?
  7. Sold on ebay....Do the fakes have any type of marking on the male side of the snaps that say RAU FASTENER CO. PROV. RI? or should they say something else? Not sure that RAU was ever used on the FAP so wondering if it's a fake.
  8. I have an early set of M1941 Depot packs with the riveted strap attachments. When I go to wrap my shelter half around it in the horseshoe shape, only he haversack as a strap to tie it down on top. The knapsack has no straps along to side to keep it secure. What is used to secure it to the pack system on the sides? The official instructions just say, "bind the roll with the shelter tend straps and attach it to the transport pack. If you have only two blanket roll straps, thy must be used in the knapsack blanket roll strap loops for this pack." It tells me how to bind the roll, but how d
  9. Thank you, sir. That was very informative. So essentially, my 1944 variant is the "old" style?
  10. He wants $150 each. They have been sitting around in boxes with other gear for many years. How much more do tagged examples bring? Any idea why the pattern is different? Was the later pattern more associated with the Korean war?
  11. Pictured are two USMC shelter halves I picked up my a dealer friend. He is letting my choose which one to keep. The one on the left is a 1944 dated one with a more "cloth-like" feel to the materiel. It also has much darker green splotches compared to the 1945 dated one right. When flipped over to the beach side, the 1944 one also has a light beach side with the shapes spaced further apart. Which one should I choose? I am guessing the earlier one but I wanted the opinions on here, and maybe some additional insight into which is more rare. Thanks!
  12. I have several bits of gear that have brass eyelets with really bad turquoise oxidation. Was wondering if you guys had any special methods to clean this without staining the surrounding canvas? I searched but could not find any topics on it. Thank you!
  13. No they look like the same consistency. Did Israeli use M56 suspenders? I thought they were uniquely Israeli. I guess it's possible the US made these for export purposes which is how they wound up in the surplus store. That store definitely isn't buying anything from the Middle East.
  14. I don't think so. Found it in the basement of a very old army surplus store in Baltimore in a box covered in dust. No reproductions down there.
  15. Definitely not faded. Even the padding underneath the strap is tan.
  16. I purchased some M1945 suspenders that are very light khaki, almost tan. Were these issued to US troops or do I have a foreign army's copy?
  17. I have some of sailors from 1914 during the invasion of Veracruz, Mexico. But I believe there are no pictures of soldiers with the trench gun from WWI.
  18. I find it incredibly annoying that surplus stores sell fake surplus.
  19. Looks like normal wear. I never made a fake myself so I couldn't tell you for sure. I think they liquid stains are more telling as to its authenticity. I will be able to tell more when it arrives in the mail.
  20. Am I correct that the "USMC" stamps were placed in different positions? Paid $150 for I think I did alright.
  21. Based on a closer inspection of how the stamp blends with the stains, I am more convinced it's the real deal. Also I noticed in Alec's book that the blanket bags have the "USMC" stamp at different positions in different years of production.
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