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  1. I listed these on another page but I figured I would keep this thread going as well since it's so great. USMC M1904/08 Blanket Bag and Haversack collection:




    USMC Blanket Bag widely used during the invasion of Veracruz Mexico in 1914. Missing a strap but extremely rare. These were first manufactured in 1911 and I think stopped in 1913 or 1914 since I haven't seen any dated after that. The P1912 bag replaced it by then. There aren't any depot marks on this but I know it's Depot since it's the exact same color as the depot marked haversack I have.







  2. I'm curious to get some feedback on this. I haven't seen any pictures of other Indianapolis Arsenal Items. In Alec's book, he talks about how RIA was making blanket bags for the Marines prior to the Phila Depot opening. It seems plausible that other arsenals were used prior to RIA, given that the blanket bag was produced starting in 1878, and that the Marines may have asked for their bags to be stamped with "USMC." The giveaway will be if anyone can identify the USMC font used.





  3. I bought this with a USMC P1912 haversack. As you can see, it is marked on the back with USMC which looks correct. However, inside the flap I think it looks like "L.C." which may be L.C.C. - the company that made haversacks for the Army. It's possible that's whatever there is just written in pen but I wanted to get your guys' opinions on if this is a genuine USMC made pouch. Thanks.




  4. Okay, the canteen arrived today and I've taken many detailed pictures in natural sunlight to post for inspection. Having it in hand I can say 100% the following;


    1. The USMC stamp us UNDER the manufactured stitching
    2. The hanger and tube are made of Brass
    3. There is no sign of a date or mfg stamp ever being under the cover flaps
    4. This canteen cover was upgraded from eagle snaps to the lift a dots. (you can see where the female side of the snaps were removed from the cover and replaced with the early style male studs).
    5. Early cup and canteen - no dates
    6. Canteen has the early welded ring.
    7. The only weld seam on the body of the canteen is on the bottom.


    Thanks again for all the input






    I went ahead and dug out my EGA snap canteen just to take a look for myself. Surprise surprise, you can make out a very faded USMC stamp in the same location as yours. I'm not sure why people were so adamant about this being a fake. I think a very strong case has been made that these markings are 100% real.




  5. That's what makes me wonder how they stamped this stuff...I've got 2 of these "wierd" shovel covers- one "U.S." is inverted, the other is rightside up; also got some '43-dated Marine Pistol Belts, one of 'em with an upside-down "U.S.M.C. S.F (Froelich).Co." stamp. Maybe Froelich made these shovel covers too?? :lol:


    Flage, do we know what makes these USMC-issue? I'm curious because I was unaware anyone except the Philadelphia Depot made covers during the war. Trying to figure out what the deal with these round tip strap USMC covers are.

  6. Also, here's one of those pieces made in the late '30s which was stamped on the outside, shown with an M1912 Pistol Belt of the same stripe.

    There is a thread on the Forum which contains period photos of these in use in the late '30s and early '40s.

    I'm curious what is it about this cover that sets it apart from other fakes. The overall consensus on this forum has always been that any etool pouches marked USMC on the outside were fake. Is there information that these were used in the 1930s?

  7. That's very helpful, and explains my collection more. I think the Olive Drab color you're referring to is coming across to my eyes as more khaki-which explains my initial confusion. How do you know the pattern on the right started in 1916? I have seen examples marked 1914 and had always been under the impression that the lighter color packs changed over to pea green around 1914.

  8. The ends of the straps that were sewn at the top of the body were squared off on later ones but rounded on earlier ones. My tan ones are rounded (Im meaning the part of the strap sewn were the shoulders are) but all of my green ones are squared off. Ive been told some green ones had rounded ends as well.


    Thanks but I was referring to the first two packs listed on this thread. They are apparently different but I can't tell how. The strap ends are both square on these.

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