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  1. I'll second The M-1 Helmet of the World War II GI by Pieter Oosterman. Has a lot of good information on fix bails and a lot of information about the different types of liners and their hardware. Very useful for trying to date a liner, sweatband, or nape strap.


    As aef1917 mentioned, it only focuses on fixed bail helmets, so it would be worth while supplementing it with another book that's a bit broader


    Any recommendations on a broader book?

  2. The previously shared liner has thicker woven off white materials, the base is a ww2 U.S surplus liner with hbt weave webbing and front eyelet. Multiple zig zag reinforcements on the kidney shaped yoke. French parkerized/chemical washed A washers attaching the field expedient yoke.Although there is some variety of different manufactured yokes all of the different varieties (3 I believe) were manufactured in just a very few tailor shops and conform to eachother, much like the original one posted. If you take your liner out is there a front eyelet?

    Yes there's definitely a front eyelet.

  3. Does anyone know if all the USMC M1907 cartridge belts are the same khaki color? It's strange to me that mills produced the Army 1907 belts in the light green but not the marine ones. As you can see, mills also produced the M1912 USMC suspenders in the same light green to the Army cartridge belts. Alec's book mentions that the order to purchase the USMC M1907 belts came with a request for the same number of suspenders. I find it odd that that mills would have filled the USMC order with belts that didnt match the suspenders.


    Has anyone ever seen a EGA snap USMC M1907 belt in the light OD color?





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