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  1. I just picked this up from IMA. They guarantee their items as authentic but to me that's only worth a refund. Anyway, I wanted to get your guys opinion on this liner. It came with an ARVN dog tag. Here's a link to the sale page. https://www.ima-usa.com/products/original-u-s-vietnam-war-arvn-rangers-painted-helmet-liner-with-dog-tag?variant=19215417802821
  2. Does anyone have a reference for what early war vs late war original paint should look like?
  3. I know there is a reference section on this but I was wondering if there is a consensus as to the best M1 helmet book. I've heard there are a few out there that have some inaccuracies.
  4. Is the consensus that it's original paint?
  5. Is $300 a good price? The texture is consistent around the whole helmet and there is some peeling around the rim.
  6. Wondering if you guys think this paint and corking is original? Helmet is a front seam with swivel bails.
  7. Thank you! They have liners but they aren't painted so no idea if original to helmet.
  8. Since there are so few of these available for reference, I figured I would post my ARVN ranger helmets. If anyone has any info on the units, would love to hear it.
  9. Also, is there any information to back this up? Not trying to challenge your assessment just hungry for info on these.
  10. Does anyone know if all the USMC M1907 cartridge belts are the same khaki color? It's strange to me that mills produced the Army 1907 belts in the light green but not the marine ones. As you can see, mills also produced the M1912 USMC suspenders in the same light green to the Army cartridge belts. Alec's book mentions that the order to purchase the USMC M1907 belts came with a request for the same number of suspenders. I find it odd that that mills would have filled the USMC order with belts that didnt match the suspenders. Has anyone ever seen a EGA snap USMC M1907 belt in the light OD
  11. Also, can you please tell me why the previously shared liner is different?
  12. Do you have a picture of what the material on a real liner should look like?
  13. I'll take some more pics but the liner suspension is tan, just darkened. Also, see the M1C snap on the liner? What is the difference between mine and the one the other person posted?
  14. Heading down to Miami for the weekend and wondering if anyone knew of any spots within a 50 mile radius.
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