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  1. Not sure what state you guys are in but I've never seen a single piece of militaria at a thrift shop in Northern VA.
  2. What would something like this run price wise?
  3. Curious on people's thoughts as to what I have here.
  4. Throw it under a black light and see if the fluorescents light up
  5. I've got two real ones and this looks pretty good to me.
  6. Can you be more specific about the Stockton site? What years was this?
  7. Very hard to know. You could have them take a picture with a black light to see if the florescents have degraded.
  8. Can you post a better picture of the cork? Hard to see it.
  9. Department of Commerce technically regulates bayonet exports but generally nothing is requires as most countries have no restrictions. Where are you sending them?
  10. Sorry, it's a UV light which brings out florescent colors. The florescent reflection fades over time, indicating age. Helmets on right and left are original, as the florescent reflection on those two has faded. Like I said, other tests were conducted on the paint but this one is the easiest to show with a picture.
  11. I wanted to take a scientific approach so I brought it to an art restoration specialist. Her analysis led her to conclude the helmet had been painted within the last 10 years. Here is the only test the really gives it away via a picture. I have it next to my two other helmets to compare the florescent colors still present in the paint on the recent one versus my other two that are 50 years old. IMA has already sent me a pre-paid shipping label to have it returned. No sign of any foul play on their part. They make mistakes and learn, just like the rest of us. I'm happy.
  12. Shown here is a mint never issued USMC cover. It demonstrates how difficult it can be to spot the slits in the cover on a newly issued example; not to mention, it's a high resolution photo vs a photos from the 1940s.
  13. Didn't American Body Armor make a vest similar to this one?
  14. IMA was extremely gracious and told me they would refund me the full cost. They had no reason to believe this was a fake, but given that they can't produce provenance, they fully understand why something like this could be questioned. It was refreshing to deal with someone in this industry that doesn't take a offense to customers questioning provenance. I can truly say there was no malice on the part of IMA here.
  15. Took some more, is it just me or do these look like stress lines from where the helmet curves to the brim? Scratches from when it was inserted into the shell? Anyway, I've asked to speak to IMA's expert about any provenance it might have.
  16. This looks to be the vet, assuming multiple people didn't have that name, although I can't make out what insignia he is wearing. http://vnchtoday.blogspot.com/2015/03/thuong-phe-binh-tqlc-nguyen-van-ut.html Doesnt look like Ranger. I don't think it was ever claimed the tag and helmet came from same person. It looks as though SQ is year: "70" and ID number "107361"
  17. All it says is: NGUYEN VAN UT SQ. 70/107361 LM Not sure what it means besides his name.
  18. Still would like some close-ups on the tiger if you're willing. The more information I can get on these the better.
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