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  1. Thanks! It came from the same source as the other "problematic" pieces I showed.
  2. Hey guys, I'll try this again. This is the shirt of Col. Robert Hyatt, Senior Advisor to the ARVN Airborne. Robert Hyatt
  3. I've been on this forum since 2009, but I appreciate you offering your perspective. I couldn't agree more that it all has to do with tone. And I'll continue to say thank you to each of the members that have taken the time to help me delve into a new part of militaria collecting.
  4. Thanks. This was not purchased. The others were returned with no issues.
  5. Many thanks for taking the time to write out your analysis. This is very helpful and enlightening.
  6. Pulled this out of an RVN issued shell. Never seen one like it. Any ideas on the suspension or the markings?
  7. Here is the helmet liner. Odd suspension system.
  8. Hopefully we can see something to compare it to.
  9. Have any pictures of real ones? I've been looking but can't find any.
  10. Thanks! I don't think many. I heard the Marines wore them until they fell apart.
  11. Let me know what you all think. Paint looks pretty weathered.
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