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  1. Looks good! What's the barrel date?
  2. It was common to find original CW cavalry and artillery jackets stamped with a costumer company stamp.
  3. I've posted this simple test before to tell if cork or sand. Use your finger nail or knife blade, to push in on a large gain. if it's cork, it pushes in a bit, if not, it's sand. Ray
  4. Thank you. I enjoyed collecting the items and showing them here, Ray
  5. I have been selling off the collection as I hit my 80th birthday...About 80% sold so far. Didn't want to leave the wife with trying to dispose of it,. There comes a time for everything!. Ray
  6. US Victory Museum, I've been attempting to contact you but you have been off line for a while. If you see this please contact me, Ray
  7. Almost all CW boots I have seen, and I had 5 pairs at one time, and they all had a more square shaped toes and wooden pegged soles or a combination of metal and wooded pegs as that was the style then. Here is my last pair that I currently have for sale as an example. Ray https://forums.gunboards.com/showthread.php?1097019-Paratrooper-carbine-holster-CW-Cavalry-boots
  8. Great looking 1889 tunics and in great condition. I also like that photo as it shows a mix of the period clothing/jackets worn at the time. Sorry to say, but because of my advancing years I have been selling off my large collection of almost 70 years, At lot has been sold but I still have a couple of 89 hats, sword belts and other related stuff left to sell off. Never thought I would get to that time where I would have to do that. ray
  9. change password

  10. Looking through old posts I Just re read this post and wondered which belt would be scarcer, the mounted Inf of the cav belt. Just curious as I just put a mounted Inf one I had for years up for sale on the F/S thread section here.
  11. What would one of these belts and in the same condt normally sell for. I have one I bought many years ago but can't remember what I paid, and didn't write it down but I do remember it wasn't very cheap. As I'm in the process of selling off most of my collection and it will be for sale as soon as I get some kind of general idea of what to list for. Ray
  12. 1912 shoes I believe. The extra reinforcement stitch line by the back heel I'd's it as that model. The 04 shoes did not have that stitch, Ray
  13. Thanks George, That's about what I thought. I had figured some were between $1200 to $1400 for the saddle and about $800 to $1,000 for the headstall because it has the full set of reins. All is in excellent condt. Ray
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