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  1. Right as rain and minty...
  2. Well no replies. Any way my opinion is it's a reproduction.The leather is not old and a poor job of the plug stitching..
  3. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/873806441 The auction just ended...I know they are making reproductions of these. Ray
  4. Great post..But just throwing this out...Would the paints used today age the same way. In other words would a helmet painted today show the same type aging etc?
  5. Looks good! What's the barrel date?
  6. It was common to find original CW cavalry and artillery jackets stamped with a costumer company stamp.
  7. I've posted this simple test before to tell if cork or sand. Use your finger nail or knife blade, to push in on a large gain. if it's cork, it pushes in a bit, if not, it's sand. Ray
  8. Thank you. I enjoyed collecting the items and showing them here, Ray
  9. I have been selling off the collection as I hit my 80th birthday...About 80% sold so far. Didn't want to leave the wife with trying to dispose of it,. There comes a time for everything!. Ray
  10. US Victory Museum, I've been attempting to contact you but you have been off line for a while. If you see this please contact me, Ray
  11. Almost all CW boots I have seen, and I had 5 pairs at one time, and they all had a more square shaped toes and wooden pegged soles or a combination of metal and wooded pegs as that was the style then. Here is my last pair that I currently have for sale as an example. Ray https://forums.gunboards.com/showthread.php?1097019-Paratrooper-carbine-holster-CW-Cavalry-boots
  12. Great looking 1889 tunics and in great condition. I also like that photo as it shows a mix of the period clothing/jackets worn at the time. Sorry to say, but because of my advancing years I have been selling off my large collection of almost 70 years, At lot has been sold but I still have a couple of 89 hats, sword belts and other related stuff left to sell off. Never thought I would get to that time where I would have to do that. ray
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