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  1. I remember him he had a bunch of Russian new or arsenal refurbed stuff on the table including those Thompson parts. I bought a svt bayonet w/scabbard from him for $65.00 and a mag pouch for my Thompson. I had heard that he died a few years after the show....
  2. Del56 Sorry my above post was for shooting a grenade out of a Lee Enfield.. Another poster asked that question.. I can't recall off hand what the load was as it's been awhile ago. .And my books with the info are at my other home in WI and I'm in Florida....Sorry
  3. PS I formed the cardboard cup for the neck using a punch the size of the mouth opening of the case neck and glued it in the case or you can use melted wax to hold the cup in the case...Ray
  4. I used 17 grs of 2400 and 9 grs black powder with the tennis ball patched with a thin paper napkin to give it a tight seal. The rifle at a 30% angle shot the ball over a 100 -125% yrds. When the rifle is aimed at a 45% angle or a bit more, the ball goes extremly high up and comes down about 90 yrs. The carboard cup shot holes in the ball, front and back until I put a strip of furnace tape on the bottom of the ball which protected it. The main thing is to get a real tight fit with the ball that's why I used the napkin. I found this out when we were using older used tennis balls that lost s
  5. Right as rain and minty...
  6. Well no replies. Any way my opinion is it's a reproduction.The leather is not old and a poor job of the plug stitching..
  7. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/873806441 The auction just ended...I know they are making reproductions of these. Ray
  8. Great post..But just throwing this out...Would the paints used today age the same way. In other words would a helmet painted today show the same type aging etc?
  9. Looks good! What's the barrel date?
  10. It was common to find original CW cavalry and artillery jackets stamped with a costumer company stamp.
  11. I've posted this simple test before to tell if cork or sand. Use your finger nail or knife blade, to push in on a large gain. if it's cork, it pushes in a bit, if not, it's sand. Ray
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