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  1. it was a more futuristique helmet, I'm receiving tomorrow a leand out book back maybe it was in that one... if si i'll post it here
  2. thx redlegGI, so it might be impossible to figure out if it was a platoon thing? I'll keep looking for that pic and post it if I find it again thx joachim
  3. Hello, the other day I saw a pic of a humvee in iraq with a viking like head/helmet on the rear side. underneed the picture it stated it was a 325th gir convoy. Now I don't find this picture anymore, does anyone have an idea with unit this was? and a clear picture? thx a lot, joachim
  4. Willysmb44, thx for the warning, I'll keep them under close surveillance.
  5. thx, there are still a few on my wanted list but thr prices today...
  6. thx, still trying to find red clay dust on epay grts joachim
  7. thx a lot, meaning a lot coming from you guys, the sandbags are filled with bark chips, so when I need the space I can still use it in my garden LOL
  8. Here I keep my NAM stuff On th other side I heva My helmets closset
  9. Hello, We portray 1968, in the meanwhile three arvn rucksack have been changed with to LW and one tropical. thx for the kind words Joachim
  10. Here are some pics from our reenactment unit at wings and wheels ursel, belgium 2013. these pics were shot with a 1960's pentax s3. dont know who to post pics direct on forum so here 's the link http://www.flickr.com/photos/100165866@N03/sets/72157635160440750/with/9554206873/ thx for looking, joachim
  11. The man who developed the films was so stressed not to mes it up, that he did just that he messed up big time. I wonder if he was scared to tell Capa...
  12. nice collection, US helmets are very popular in europe, where are you from? I'm from Belgium. the french have a forum all about the m1-helmet nothing else, and lets not forget the collections of Oosterland and Detrez and some forum members grts joachim
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