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  1. They aren't always mint. In fact, most of the ones I have seen are used to the point of no return. Andrew
  2. Not 1st and 3rd. AO represents Army of Occupation, a common symbol of WWI doughboys 'over there'. So, it's the just the first. No captions? Great pics though! Andrew
  3. Some cool Civil War pictures here. Andrew http://yourehistory.wordpress.com/2008/07/...s-then-and-now/
  4. Fine, I'll change it to appalling. This thread (like that movie) is splitting ethical hairs. It shows you what our society is turning into. Andrew
  5. Very cool display! I like the glasses. May I ask, why does the wounded GI have a 1st Air Force patch on the shirt? Andrew
  6. I'd say dyed black for military usage. You can see on same places what looks like a green coming through. But, if they did dye it, why isn't the tag black? IF (which is doubtful) it was used by SWAT, militia, etc, why would it be the same measurements as a military one and such good quality? I'd like to see some SWAT proof too, because you can't just write something off as nothing without proof. Andrew
  7. Very nice! Are any of them pinback, or are they all clutchback? Andrew
  8. First off, do you mean ALICE? And can we please have some pictures? Chances are it's a 9mm (single) mag pouch. Andrew
  9. Very cool pics. Are these the ones that they painted cherries on? Andrew
  10. Thanks for all of the help here. I've got the clutchback types, but not the pinback ones....some good theories here. Thanks. Andrew
  11. Thanks for all of the replies! I did not notice the sheath (interesting, thank you), and yes I googled Truax field, and the sheath seems non-us along with the bayonet. Anyone else think that, or is it US? The man seems too sloppy to be an officer...what could it be? Enlisted rank? Andrew What is a D-shaped guard? Can you tell I'm not too educated with bayonets?
  12. Hello, I went to little flea market today and picked up this rank. I have never seen a pinback USAF rank, especially with this odd design on the back. I thought this type of back design ussually denoted WWII? Anyways, it's not marked, and it's actually in quite good shape. Any idea why it would be pinback, and what that little design is? I take it it's from the late 40's, early 50's? Thanks. Andrew
  13. Here's a pic...motorcylcist with carbine and tanker helmet. A one man mechanized army? Andrew
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