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  1. That's a bummer to hear. The motto is blue, I guess it was just too dark for my camera. So no clutch backs are original?
  2. RAPCO Parts 33070 is the best paint I've found so far.
  3. I was issued a ACH that was light green in color with a UCP camouflage helmet cover. Why, well because that is what CIF gave me. I spray painted OD green though.
  4. I was looking for some opinions on coloring for WWI era US M1917 helmets. I have a few shells I'd like to use for re-enacting and I'm unsure of the color to paint them. I've looked at a bunch or original photos and it seems like there are tons of color variants from brown to khaki to OD green. thanks
  5. Do you still have the jacket? My grandfather was in the 771st TD BN C Co. I'd love to see it.
  6. I really like them too, very interesting to see. I thought it would be more common to see on say an officers chocolate tunic because they might have been able to bend regulations more so than an enlisted man! Anyway I love to see the lengths GI's went to for a bit of individuality.
  7. Thanks a ton Sarge!!! You said it was a favorite past time after the war. So it would not have been terribly common in an "O" or NCO club during the war?
  8. Good evening fellas, I was wondering if any of you with service coats that have patches sewn on with a decorative style stitch would mind posting some pictures. I have seen a few examples in books with the stitch in a "X" or "V" pattern. I was wondering if this was a common practice during WWII. thanks!
  9. I agree 100%, WWII impressions is handsdown the best repro vendor, his stuff is top notch but very expensive.
  10. Really cool thread. I was 4 in 1989...and my dad was a SOLL2 (Special Operations) C-141 aircraft commander during Panama.
  11. I'm young enough that I "look the part" but here is the thing, I'm not a real WWII soldier, I'm not a real 2nd LT in the 16th Infantry...the hobby is about pretending...so that 60 year old private is just as good a reenactor or has just a right to participate as I do.
  12. It wasn't a collector grade helmet, I found it at a thrift store and it was trashed and had been repainted. The cool part about it was it was a 87A heat stamp, the earliest M1 shell I've ever owned.
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