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  1. Hi all ! it took off for... 5600€ ! 😰 Didn’t bought it... 🥳
  2. 2 # pilots, 2 # helmets It's an APH-5 without visor cover. Rails are still in place. A few modifications to prevent visor to leave... & we have the first APH lightweight !
  3. French Gueneau inner helmet ! Used with Gueneau type 31/312/313 shells Comms are quite hard to find... Neck was protected from sun
  4. Nice set ! Would you consider a trade/sell for the 2nd patch/decals ?
  5. Hi, Easy = Helo shell with a sticker that doesn't match with it.
  6. I have never heard/seen shells retag. Why do it ? Clearly his post-war shell with no combat use.
  7. Yes, Mohawk. Receivers are seen inside near edgeroll. As a French guy, i have some knowledge on French flightgear. I have 22 Gueneau, from various types + a PK-75. On ebay.fr you can find visors buttons. There's actually a pair for 458 type (screw is plastic). https://m.ebay.fr/itm/Boutons-Gueneau-458/152881710919?hash=item239875c747:g:nrwAAOSwXYtYu-EU Chin strap is local made, never seen before.
  8. I used to have one from IAF, it was not a 316 but a PK 75 (Yougoslavian licensed) I have at least 2 friends who have one complete. I'd like to get one too with modified Ulmer mask, maybe one day.
  9. This is a Gueneau 316, jet fighter shell. No comms & no visor actuating buttons. Worn on Mirage F1 & MiG in Iraqi AF. Good luck to complete it & find the right mask.
  10. Hi Unclegrumpy ! The checkerboard is a true evidence for u ? Will search this way...
  11. Hi ! I have an empty shell so I have the snap on visor. I think i can help you too regarding boom mike
  12. Hi ! I recently sniped a flight suit from the same unit on eBay, named. Is it from the same grouping ?
  13. Hi all ! I recently sniped one at $325. If you want the correct type with CRU-79/P & REDAR hose, that's the price to pay ! Yours is the correct price for sure but you also need mini regulator & REDAR as a fighter helmet shell !
  14. Hi, The F-4 front cockpit grip is also typical with the missing base. No other jets use it except early F-15 with a a black thumb button selector. U have the twins ! I have a nice grip collection, 20 & not finished yet. I'm looking for a backseater F-4 grip.
  15. I remember that shell. I saw it on eBay at a very nice price & was particularly happy to see it kept original & vintage markings... As Boxerdogi, i always love original markings. Cedric, one of FB flightgear page admin
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