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  1. Okay, looking at some info on this forum, I have what I think is an MKII grenade (defunct)... Not sure much about it, was my grandfathers. It has a longer safety level than the one I bought as a kid at a army surplus store, but it has a split toggle which means > wwII? Any info on this is appreciated, thanks, Jeff
  2. The first photo above should be this one, I had the belts on the wrong side and they do not correspond with the other two pictures. I can't figure out how to edit the original post to correct the link... Any idea on the year / make of the belt on the right?
  3. I've got two pistol belts, trying to mainly figure out information on the one I can't make out the markings on. The one on the left in the photos is a 1945 R.M. Co. (is it Russell Manufacturing Co or Russell Mills). The one on the right is ??? it has a different buckle and different keepers. I'm a newbie on all this, trying to learn what I've got and if there is any value. Sure wish I could read this :ermm: Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  4. I have two medical pouches. One is unreadable mfg with a date of 1945. It has a dot at the bottom of the snap, and is marked: "W6517" on the inside flap: the second one is marked: "Independent Awnings" and "1943" the bottom of the snap has a triangle with an "S" in it. This one is marked "4 329" or is it "A 329"? Anyway to determine the mfg of the 1945 dated pouch from the other details? Any other information that can be drawn on these? WWII usage for the '43 no doubt ? but the '45 less likely? Any value to these? Thanks, Jeff
  5. Thanks again aef1917! Great info, greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks guys. (Gregory - thanks for the proper name of the cover mfg!) Few more thoughts/questions: 1) do anything to it (the metal) to preserve or leave it alone? 2) store it in the cover or out of the cover 3) any idea as to value (replacement/insurance)? Thanks, Jeff
  7. aef1917, thanks for the info. I did some further research thanks to the ID by aef, 1) the split rivet on the chin strap loops = British Mk1 vs. U.S. M1917 (the M1917 would have solid machine rivets) 2) the overlapping rim metal = British Mk1 vs. U.S. M1917 (the M1917rim would be butted not overlapping) Any way to determine manufacturer and date by the stamping? Also, is there anyway to determine if this was a helmet supplied to U.S. troops? Are these British MK1 helmets more/less common than U.S. M1917's and what would a fair value be on a helmet like this? Thanks. - Jeff
  8. Didn't swivel bails come into play Oct 43 and rear seam Nov 43? Or is this bad info Dating the M1 Steel Helmet or am I reading it wrong? (Could well be). Thanks.
  9. Well, I'll try once the sun comes out one of these days, but I don't see anything at all. Including two pictures, maybe I'm missing something? Thanks.
  10. M-1943 Entrenching Tool Marked: WOOD 1942 (or 43, last digit hard to make out) Cover marked: VL DUNAS MFG CO. 1944 I found the shovel in an RV storage compartment when I worked at an RV shop when I was a kid. The RV shop bought the RV this was in). I kept this shovel in the trunk of my VW bug for a long time, then finally realized it was a possible WWII item(?). I bought the cover at a flea market fairly recently. Any info on these items with regard to value and any other info, is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jeff
  11. I have what I think to be an M-1917 helmet. It is marked: “H.v.” with a line/dash over “347” as far as I can determine, it could be "H.W." but pretty sure it is "H.v.". The leather strap is brittle/stiff and broken with some missing. Any possible way to date this helmet and put any kind of value on it? Is there a front or back to these helmets? Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  12. Thanks for the info I don't see any markings on the inside front rim. Are they sometimes not visible/worn off or not there? Bolo... what do you mean by "salty" (the corrosion?) Thanks for the tip not to oil anymore. I did it once to help clean it and it is dry now, won't do it again. Appreciate the info folks, thanks again.
  13. Howdy; My first real post (other than new member intro). I have an M1 Helmet, it has a front seam and swivel bails. I believe this dates it to Oct '43 (?). I don't see any markings on the helmet itself. The liner headband has “R4(?) BEVERLY” marked on it. I've included some photos below, any information on this helmet, as far as when it was made, who made it, if it is dated properly and what it may be worth is appreciated. Thanks, Jeff The liner inside (bands and all) has seen better days. Picked this up at a thrift type store in Sacramento a few years back. Always wanted a "front seam" "wwII" "steel pot". How should I preserve the metal? I wiped it off when I got it and put a thin layer of gun oil on it... any suggestions on what is best to keep it preserved is also appreciated. All info is appreciated, thanks.
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