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    target shooting, photography, writing, reading, military history, jogging, cycling, hiking, military surplus rifles
  1. OK, so I went to a show today and spent too much money. I bought another group of "firsts" as well, and could use some help. Bought some dog tags. I'd like to figure out how to read dog tags better so I can figure out about what time frame they are from and... well, yeah, I'd like to maybe figure out who the people are/were who wore them. I got three sets today that I wanted to show and maybe get some information on them. Only one set was labeled and it says "Korean War," so I want to make sure that was accurate. Here they are. That last set, for some reason, is the set that caught my eye, and I ended up buying the other two as well. When I got them all home, I also noticed something else about that last set: What is with the little key? I didn't notice it at the show, I only saw it when I got home. Thanks for any help!
  2. No clue. I would assume it was. When I got it, it was already in this condition. I am personally not storing it on foam. I know what it does to guns, so I keep foam away from anything I care about. Speaking of which, is it a good or bad idea to use gun cleaning products to clean this up? I was thinking BreakFree CLP or M-Pro7. Would this cause a problem with the medal?
  3. How does one volunteer? There's one coming up in Sept. in Durham, I'd like to get some folks together and help out.
  4. Yes, I do. Here you go.
  5. I have a Vietnam Campaign Medal that is turning green. Should I leave it or clean it up? I've had it about a year now and never did know what to do with it.
  6. Hoppe's put out this M-Pro7 stuff not too long ago. I found the spray on gun cleaner works very well. I had a rifle come in that was just saturated with cosmo, so I laid the gun on a towel, sprayed the stock, let it sit for 20 minutes, and wiped it off. It did a really good job pulling the cosmo out of the wood, I was surprised. I also used it on a gun that had apparently been hung over a fireplace for a very long time, and it took the black crud off. What I got from that was a gorgeous finish to the wood underneath, and the guy who owned the gun couldn't pick it out of the wrack when he came to get it. Again, wouldn't do this on anything very collectable because I don't know if it will discolor certain stocks.
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