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    target shooting, photography, writing, reading, military history, jogging, cycling, hiking, military surplus rifles
  1. OK, so I went to a show today and spent too much money. I bought another group of "firsts" as well, and could use some help. Bought some dog tags. I'd like to figure out how to read dog tags better so I can figure out about what time frame they are from and... well, yeah, I'd like to maybe figure out who the people are/were who wore them. I got three sets today that I wanted to show and maybe get some information on them. Only one set was labeled and it says "Korean War," so I want to make sure that was accurate. Here they are. That last set, for some reason, is the
  2. No clue. I would assume it was. When I got it, it was already in this condition. I am personally not storing it on foam. I know what it does to guns, so I keep foam away from anything I care about. Speaking of which, is it a good or bad idea to use gun cleaning products to clean this up? I was thinking BreakFree CLP or M-Pro7. Would this cause a problem with the medal?
  3. How does one volunteer? There's one coming up in Sept. in Durham, I'd like to get some folks together and help out.
  4. Yes, I do. Here you go.
  5. I have a Vietnam Campaign Medal that is turning green. Should I leave it or clean it up? I've had it about a year now and never did know what to do with it.
  6. Hoppe's put out this M-Pro7 stuff not too long ago. I found the spray on gun cleaner works very well. I had a rifle come in that was just saturated with cosmo, so I laid the gun on a towel, sprayed the stock, let it sit for 20 minutes, and wiped it off. It did a really good job pulling the cosmo out of the wood, I was surprised. I also used it on a gun that had apparently been hung over a fireplace for a very long time, and it took the black crud off. What I got from that was a gorgeous finish to the wood underneath, and the guy who owned the gun couldn't pick it out of the wrack when he came
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