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  1. This was in a duffle bag full of netting and old field jackets I got in a storage locker. All of the other items were original 60's to 70's pieces but this feels wrong to me. I know that Peter LaGana made just under 4k hawks for forces during Vietnam but I believe those are all painted green and had a straight handle. This one has "US Special Forces" on the case and that screams repro to me but I thought I should ask the experts here for some advice. Can anyone identify this? My google-fu is strong but I cannot find one that matches. This one has the same sheath but a different handle- http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vietnam-era-type-tomahawk-with-belt-sheath-EXC-cond-/321556767325?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ade46e25d This one also looks similar but is black and the head looks bigger- http://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Special-Forces-Vietnam-Tomahawk-/301244103293?pt=Collectible_Knives&hash=item46238c3a7d&nma=true&si=TWjvTueMVr5retIRH6Ch%252BiusrzM%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 After reading this I am sure it is a repro but cannot seem to find by who or when - http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/186012-vietnam-lagana-tomahawk-question/ So... any words of wisdom?
  2. When seated or lying prone and having to look up some helmets rear edge was too far down and forced a gunners head down. By reversing the helmet the shorter front edge allowed for greater movement in those positions. Ok, that sounds like I know what I am talking about but it is purely a guess based on the pictures I have seen.
  3. Sewing shops around military bases are a little better than the average dry cleaner. I know a seamstress in Washington NC who could do it but she is not working right now due to cancer treatments.
  4. Check around Tampa. With SOCOM being based in the area you should be able to find a shop that works on all the officers uniforms.
  5. These are items that have been in my family for years. The first is a sword my Grandfather brought back from WWII. He brought 2 back one for each of his sons. My father and uncle. This is the one my uncle owned and eventually gave to my brother. He recently moved to Peru and it is now in my care. The second is a bring back from the war...just from the civil war so not really from another military. My Great, Great (you get the idea) brought this back from the civil war. I included a picture in the next post of the bottom the barrel where my uncle engraved the mames of all of the family members who have owned it. I still need to add mine.
  6. I bought a box of stuff recently and found this gem at the bottom... What in the hell is it? Sorry I don't usually deal with helmets, too much too learn for me right now. I have a hard enough time with vietnam patches and tiger stripes to take on learning helmets just yet. Any insight about this "unique" mess is welcomed. Era? Type? Value? The whole thing looks like a civilian repro to me but what do I know.
  7. People will always argue about who is better.
  8. Mine has to be the Snoopy patch bottom left on the tiger stripes my Dad had made for me when he was in Vietnam
  9. As a newer member, veteran, Army btratt, and collector of other items I find this to be an interesting look at the diversity of members and why they do what they do. I joined because I was looking for information on a book I was asked to sell. I don't really consider myself a military collector. I only keep items that represent my families time in service. My goal is a display that looks back over my family's service. I collect vinyl records. Not any old record, ones I like to listen to, however I buy a lot of records. Sometimes entire collections just to get a few items I want. I then sell the remaining records and the profits (hopefully) go to support my collection. It is the same for me now with military items. I find that if I come accross an item that does not fit my "collection" I may still buy it simply to sell and profit to support my collection. Do I enjoy military history? Most certainly! Do I enjoy learning about the history of an item? Without doubt! Will I sell that item? You betcha! I guess I am just trying to offer the forum insight to a part time collector's view who still enjoys the pastime but does not think there is anything wrong with profitting from this pastime. I try to add value here as a former paratrooper and soldier who served with 3rd SFG. My military time was very unique and not at all typical of most soldiers. I was support for Group and worked with the dive teams. Not at all common in the Army. I do see collectors say "that is not accurate" about airborne operations, or SF and sometimes chuckle to myself when I know it is entirley possible. I just choose not to confront someone about a "maybe". Heck folks, it's the internet, and this is supposed to be a fun hobby. To the mods, I am a moderator on other forums and I know the challenge of keeping it civil while not over moderating. I think you guys do a great job here.
  10. A guess? Maybe a training uniform, Mike Force... Just a shot in the dark, no real reason. We used to train with OP4 that wore uniforms they "made" themselves.
  11. How do you find out when you are 6 years old? Ask the head SEAL... http://www.ijreview.com/2013/10/84459-awesome-head-special-forces-answers-6-year-old-boys-ninjas-vs-seals-debate/ Great story and Cool Coin!
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