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  1. IkesGrunt.com has just updated the website and FB page.
  2. Just updated website www.IkesGrunt.com
  3. Website has just been updated... www.IkesGrunt.com
  4. Just updated the website...IkesGrunt.com
  5. Just added to my website. Identified, published jacket to a 5th MarDiv marine, UNIS marked and with E/2/28! Please visit IkesGrunt for more information.
  6. Just updated the site with a few new items. http://www.ikesgrunt.com
  7. Hello, Trying to get as much feedback as possible regarding this purple heart as I have the opportunity to purchase it. Thanks in advance, Pat
  8. Made a mistake on William Ranous...Should read PFC/28th Marines/1st Bn/C Company. However, and this is one of the reasons why 5th MarDiv UNIS markings are tricky is that Ranous served with E/2/28. Could be he transferred...or could mean that HQ was not a "1" with the 5th MarDiv. One of those question marks I'm trying to figure out.
  9. That is a great looking pack and tough to find a 5th MarDiv UNIS marked piece of equipment. Even though the 5th Marine Division used the shaped stencil they primarily just used it on their hbt jackets. Most of their equipment was just stenciled with their name. They didn't get stencil happy like the 4th did. Just from my observations with collecting named UNIS marked items deciphering the 5th Marine Division UNIS system does get confusing with regards to some units and I just try and cross reference named examples with Muster Rolls. I've seen it "written" that the 5th Pioneers and 5th Tank B
  10. Ah yep that's right. Thank you...much appreciated for the quick reply. Pat
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