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  1. Are you taking offers on the red spacer Kabar?

  2. The room is taking on a life of its own, I’m slowly starting to divide the room into marine and Japanese. With a new cabinet and new display areas I’ll start to reveal some of the new displays in the coming days. Here is a sneak peak Enjoy And thanks for looking - Dean
  3. Thanks G it was a pleasure showing you this one ! 🙂
  4. Would love to see some Korean War or Vietnam lids on the thread
  5. Thanks James After seeing Mike’s had to have one in the collection
  6. Thanks Marty ! was a nice suprise off of the back of your amazing helmet.
  7. Thankyou all - I am really pleased with the helmet and cover. anybody got any thoughts on the Yellow T ?
  8. After speaking with a friend on another forum he put me in contact with an older collector who is starting to move his collection. He sent me some photos of this nice first pattern front seam swivel bail helmet. I love the cover and the chinstrap so we made a deal. When the helmet arrived I loved the colour of the used camo and the general look of it all. when taking a peak under the cover I saw some numbers on the front - 430 in blue and a yellow T. After checking the camo cover more closely on the beach side I was pleasantly surprised to unco
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