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  1. These are amazing I’ve hung lots of my framed pics with the Velcro ones of these and they are solid. I’ve also hung 2 Pack shovels with them, so they can take the weight
  2. Hey mate US helmet with a production error - not a euro Clone
  3. Wow ? now that’s just amazing ! What are the odds thanks for sharing, that made my night
  4. Super glue and then a touch of activator to Harden fast as suggested by others
  5. Thanks too a Very good friend and a forum member I am now able to say that this early combat marine is Officially complete ! His early WW1 bayonet finally arrived too complete this “combat marine”
  6. Now your post makes sense but I was not one of those members that comments on your helmet. Seemed if you where aiming that into me which I didn’t do. I never discount anything based on 1 Fact but rather 2-3 flags which Pop up which need answering then I make an opinion. Anyway no harm no foul just exciting to hear next week when they get looked at in hand. Yours Dean
  7. This is going off topic like it always does , so let me be clear. No one has determined the helmets are no good because they have no chinstraps. Scott seeing them in hand will help the OP get a much better opinion on them, then I’m sure he will let us know his findings. Ive spoken with the Op and I want him to have 2 amazing helmets ! So let’s just wait and see what the findings are so we can determine the paintwork on these 2 helmets. Much better than arguing the toss on chinstraps
  8. And I quote from page 1 “just to add - the flag is there because I don’t like the painted insignias And the chinstraps are not there” “Not that the chinstraps are not there” with regards to evaluating them I believe Scott is taking a look so I’m guessing that will be another opinion that we can all look at. this is also my opinion which I’m entitled to
  9. Please read the thread from the start, paint work was the problem then the chinstraps. no one has immediately done anything, narrow minded is not reading the full thread and making this statement
  10. Hey Hunt I also respect your views and knowledge my friend and Thankyou for the kind words on the collection. I totally agree with you regarding if a helmet didn’t have chinstraps in a collection it wouldn’t be incorrect. My point on this thread was that with the paint and ageing on these helmets being what they are IMHO and the chinstraps gone was something I’ve seen on other aged/fakes helmets a lot Scott is looking at them so I hope I’m wrong once again Hunt Your opinions will always be valued my friend yours Dean
  11. Also buckling of the chinstrap round the back very common in ETO and MTO marines tended to let them hang, once again this is NOT a rule of thumb but it’s often seen
  12. Hey Hunt Your comment here answered my post perfectly “Were helmets without chin straps, more common than helmets with chin straps? No! Definitely not!” as explained in the first post this was done by certain units and when the chinstraps became damaged. I was answering your post to this comment “Most soldiers didn't buckle the chinstraps anyway, so it really didn't matter if they were on the helmet or not” It did matter if the chinstraps where on the helmet, as you know I have studied and collected USMC for some time now so I’ve seen and have my fair share of photos of them in combat. also numerous combat lids with chinstraps. did some cut them, maybe ! Did some rot off, 100% yes. The discussion is not on field use And the impact of weather and battle conditions on field gear but saying chinstraps didn’t matter is a huge statement to make based on one mans experience I've collected a lot of pics of marines over my time and here are just 2. Important Because one marine is on a ship waiting to be transported to Iwo Jima and the other is in a fire fight with Japanese soldiers All have chinstraps, some buckled and some not once again seeing marines in combat with cut chinstraps because they where not needed was not the norm
  13. Hey Hunt common to find helmets without chinstraps ? Didn’t matter if they where on the helmet or not ? I would really disagree with that statement. For over 40 years the M1 helmet was being produced and in their millions, all with chinstraps. The Kelly helmet before that had chinstraps, While some units cut there’s off, to say they didn’t matter being on a helmet and they where mostly buckled on the back is a very broad statement and not true. some units did Cut them off, and of course some got burned, rotted or blown off, not the soldiers/marines/sailors choice. To not have chinstraps on your government issued helmet due to the soldier “cutting them off” was not “standard issue” for most soldiers/marines/sailors period photos tell us otherwise
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