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  1. Their military police force still use the flaming bomb today on there uniforms - nice looking helmet congrats
  2. Your helmet has 2 rifles with the bomb behind 29BBCFCC-6319-49E7-8D8A-F3EE3C36B654.webp
  3. Im glad it helped fight, Stay well my friend - Dean
  4. One of my new favourites !! thanks for posting keep em coming
  5. Here is my Bullet struck Vietnam helmet, high velocity round has gone between the liner and helmet once again. It’s also been hit so hard it’s squeezed the helmet elongating it ! And changing its shape. Its named and numbered on the headband so this will be a waiting game to find out who he was Nether the less an interesting helmet from a brutal war showing you how important your M1 helmet was
  6. Another Photo I pulled out this morning interesting how mine and several others helmets have the same type of damage. The bullet just grazing the liner travelling between the helmet and liner.
  7. Hey Fight hope this helps faker has created the layer and Inlaid the insignia, looks like a heat gun was used to create crazing of the paint for ageing it. painted and faked yesterday - Dean
  8. Just found this amazing photo in my Archive of originals - one marine is clearly using some type of screw pine foliage while the other has a near identical hand tied net like mine just some very cool nets in that shot
  9. Fantastic and Focused collection - Dean
  10. I’m looking forward to that my friend ! take care and stay safe - Dean
  11. that’s a great pic Hannes and one I also believe in hope your well and happy 2021
  12. Totally agree mate and once again I believe the non slit version was late Ww2 and was used. just wish we had more clearer photos of them like we do the slitted version. yours Dean
  13. Also to add, I know 2 helmets that are named with a non slit cover and 1 with a unis Mark
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