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  1. You do not see these emblems come up for sale too often and I know that there are a few variations. What is the story with this one? Is is Chinese made, since it is not marked? I know the Hilbourn Hamburger Oroid are often the ones that I see. Are there variations of the black service type emblems that are almost never seen?
  2. He is one of the fastest shippers in the business. I typically receive items from him within two days. Something is up. I’ve noticed that his site has not been updated in about two weeks. Mr. Jeff Floyd is as solid as they come. I just hope that everything is alright with him.
  3. I have known Ray for the past 15 years and have bought many items from him. I trust him and would recommend him to anyone.
  4. Can anyone tell me if US Navy Civil War Campaign Medal #733 or #1480 are attributable to a recipient? Thank You in advance. Rocco
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