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  1. Thank You for checking Jeff, much appreciated! Rocco
  2. Can anyone tell me if US Navy Civil War Campaign Medal #733 or #1480 are attributable to a recipient? Thank You in advance. Rocco
  3. This showed up briefly on EBay recently. I recently posted this on the forum Facebook site, but I wanted to also post it here for opinions. What are your thoughts about the group? Is this a Black Widow Navy Cross? Has anyone ever seen a nutcracker like this from the USS Enterprise? This would be a great Big E group if it were legitimate. The seller described the lot as: These items are in used, aged condition. I have no name or information on the navy pilot these items belonged too, dog tags were missing from the neck cord when I acquired all these items. All the medals have no numbers or name on them. Medals, pins and insignia's show some signs of age wear and green patina spots and oxidation discoloring. The leather squadron patch is aged and has surface cracking. The Remington Hunting (PAL RH) Model 36 survival fighting knife is lightly stamped on the blade and hard to read, "RH PAL 36". The blade is 6" and sharp. The leather scabbard is aged and soiled and a little dry in some areas. The Ladies Legs nut cracker looks like it is made out of aluminum, it is etched on the front in red "1942 BIG 'E' " and on the back "USS ENTERPRISE CV-6". The 1934 Liberty Peace silver dollar is aged and tarnished. There is a 1930's Saint Christoper medallion on the dog tag cord. The dated 1943 USN 20mm Oerlikon loading is inert and the dark green top is removable. All items are being sold in as is condition. Any white spots on the items in the pictures are caused by glare from the camera.
  4. Yes, that was my concern... That the lower portion of the anchor is still attached to the globe.
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