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  1. What division would that be? 32D Infantry Division Also thanks to USMCR9 for sending me a pic of the PDF from the Ohio Soldiers...
  2. This is a start for my research. If anyone can provide more research hit me up. All I have is as pictured. I thank it's WW1 since the notes are 1920 -23
  3. Is there a link on " modified rigger"? I would like to educate myself on the term.
  4. I acquired this dusty attic M1 Papa liner and without cleaning it I was wondering if the maker can be identified as is. I wiped in the middle with my finger inside and all I see is a dot which is probably nothing to consider.. Any help would be great.
  5. Bid on this today at an auction. Portrait, medals Rosary Beads and tons of pictures and papers. As I dug into the box I learned that the girl (Wanda) was a widow shortly after the war with (Walter) and they had a kid named (Janet). Walter was in the Medical field for a short period near the end of the war.
  6. I believe the patch goes with the dated 80's shorts? The guy has his dates mixed up.
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