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  1. Yes, you got it. In the USAF, they have skill levels for the enlisted occupations. Without going into too much detail, generally the badge you have depends on your skill level and/or rank. Not sure if they changed it since I was in, but the basic was awarded at 5 level, senior at 7, and master when you made E-7. Originally the master was when you reached 9 level, for only E-8/E-9. But they changed that sometime in the 90s. Hope this helps. Randy
  2. They are called AF Occupational Badges. Yours is actually a GROUND RADAR AIRFIELD SYSTEMS, SENIOR. Aircraft Maintenance has the eagle clutching a bomb and generic aircraft shape, pic attached below. Wore one for 26 years. Basic had no star, and master had a wreath (also irreverently known as a toilet seat) around the star. Master could only be worn by E-7 and up. Your uniform is pre-1991 judging by the patches. Randy
  3. I can confirm the design for the 78th FS, sorry I can't help you when it was worn. Randy
  4. #10 is the 2d Fighter-Interceptor Training Sq. late 70s very early 80s. Randy
  5. Randy

    AEW Patch?

    It's navy, Composite Squadron 11 (VC-11). Airborne early warning is correct. Randy
  6. I have seen this ID'd to the 179th FIS of the Minnesota ANG, but it could be generic. It is for the Douglas AIR-2 Genie, an unguided rocket (not a missile) with a nuclear warhead designed to take out bomber formations. It was carried by F-89s, F-101s and F-106s. The 124 FIS of the Iowa ANG did have F-89Js, so maybe they used this patch as well. Loading would have been for the weapons load technicians that attached the rockets to the aircraft and helped maintain the weapons systems. I have seen this patch without any writing as well. Randy
  7. I held mine up to a light, nothing there or ever was there. I wonder if at some point they had not asked permission to use a copywritten design and had to stamp them to keep them? Most times if you asked and were military they let you use them freely, but you had to ask first. Just a thought. Never saw the 68C before, that one would require some research. I'm more into the fighter/Tac Recon stuff. A lot of these I posted are out of my trade bag, some long gone. Randy
  8. And a few more training related. 1968 is from a navigator training class, 1992 was pilot training, and the last is Good Grief Flight from the 96th Flying Training Sq. Randy
  9. USAF pilot training class patches always featured the dog in a large way. Here's 3 examples from 1967, 1980 and 1987. Randy
  10. The 17 Tac Recon Sq was from a NATO Royal Flush competition in 1968. The unit then flew the RF-101 Voodoo, German made. These were held annually until 1975. The 41 TRS designation on the next one was used 66-67, then the unit was designated the 41 Tac Electronic Warfare Sq. It flew EB-66s, Japan made. The 493 TFS D Flight was an F-100 unit stationed at RAF Lakenheath. This is 60s era and Japan made.
  11. I had forgotten about this one, thanks for resurrecting it. I have probably another 25 USAF Snoopy ones at least. The first is the 4511 Combat Crew Training Sq, an F-100 unit, used from 65-69. In 69 it became the 426 Tac Fighter Training Sq and simply carried the design forward on the approved squadron shape. It later flew F-4Cs. The other is a Japan made one for 1000 missions in an F-101B fighter, as used by USAF Interceptor units.
  12. Thanks Bobby, that's a bit different as the one I have a B/W copy of has SQDN on it. You still collecting? Randy
  13. The 32 TRS is a good 70s era US made patch. Unit was in the UK, not SEA. Randy
  14. So, it's not much but you can see the colors at least. I cropped it from a pic taken 30 years ago of a massive wall display, so it is what it is!😁 The top tab reads: USAF MARKSMANSHIP SQDN Randy
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