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  1. This is a Pratt and Whitney F100 series engine patch they gave away to F-16 aircraft maintainers in the 80s. There is another with an F-15 on it as they used the same series of engines as well at the time. These manufacturer type patches were made by Lion Brothers, known for their quality.
  2. I'm not much into fantasy type stuff, but I really enjoy watching this one come along. Great imagination combined with awesome modeling skills makes this one something I check for updates on frequently. Can't wait to see the completed project! Randy
  3. Well, I thought Bud Man was late 70s for some reason, so that's good to know. Why, I have no idea! Randy
  4. Yeah, Bud Man, now that you mention it. But a little before his time. I only have one other variation, but it would not surprise me if there were others. For those that don't know, the Mụ Giạ Pass is a mountain pass in the Annamite Range between northern Vietnam and Laos. The pass was the principal point of entry into the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Laos.The road is carved out of the steep hillside. Due to its difficult geography, the pass was identified as a choke point, and, as a result, was heavily bombed first as part of Operation Barrel Roll and later as part of Operation Rolling Thunder and Operation Commando Hunt. By March 1966, it was estimated that 75% of all truck traffic into Laos went through the pass. Randy
  5. No, that's different from the standard one. Can't recall seeing this version before, but there is so much out there from SEA. Looks good to me too. Attached the usual design so others can see. Randy
  6. Real one looks like the attached. Thai made. Randy
  7. There is always the possibility he was at more that one training base, there were quite a few back then and most flew T-33s at one time. Here's a period 3560th PTW patch if there wasn't one with the rest of his things. Randy
  8. I can help a bit with the post war pics. The one with 3560th PTW would have been at Webb AFB, TX. They were active from 1951 until 1972 when the wing was redesignated the 78th Flying Training Wing. The aircraft in the group shot is a T-33A. 57K would have been for a training class from 1957, and K is their class identifier. The first class of 1957 would have been 57A, and then each subsequent class would be assigned the next letter. It's be fun watching you post all this. Hope this helps. Randy
  9. I agree with Sean, nothing original military here. Felix and the 13th patch look older, but commercial type patches. Randy
  10. Top is Strategic Air Command Assessment and Evaluation Team, middle 336 Bomb Sq., bottom is Air Research and Development Command. Randy
  11. No problem, feel free to PM me if you have addition questions in the future. Randy
  12. I see it as a knight's helmet visor. Looks like a helmet sitting on a suit of armor. Just my look... Randy
  13. Hard to say, but your patch looks US made. Was it glued into an album? Looks like paper bits on the back. The only time they used the black lines in the white puffs was at Hill after the war, and only a short time. Those were unofficial and soon dropped. One thing about estates and really anything from an old crew member: They forget! I have a lot of contact with pilots, and the amount of stuff I have gotten mislabeled, or picked up years after they got out as a souvenir but now think is real, is substantial. Your patch still looks late 70s early 80s. Holding it would help being more definitive, but hard to do that on here! Randy
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