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    I travel New England with military displays to schools, retirement communities and public events to keep the memories of our veterans alive.

    My grandfathers both served in WWII. My paternal grandfather, Frank Garitta, served with the 24th Infantry in the PTO. He enlisted may 1941 and served until 1944.

    My maternal grandfather served as a tail gunner in the 9th AAF. He flew 64 bombing missions and after the war joined the National Guard where he rose to Captain and was a tank commander in the Korean War

    My goal is to keep the memories of our veterans alive, and pass down their stories and experiences to the youth.

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  1. Here are photos of the items and an article about the water crash and rescue. https://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/10342
  2. I picked up all the items today and I know the name of the veteran. His name was Lieutenant John A. Martyniak. He was a B17 pilot in the 8th Air Corps. He was on a bombing mission during D-Day. It was either June 6th or 8th, 1944 that his bomber, called The Captain, was hit by flak and and engines began to shut down. He was able to land the bomber in the English Channel a mile or two off the coast of France. His entire crew escape safely with minor wounds and sat in the dingy waiting a British ASR ship to arrive. A couple spitfires and bomber circled them for protection. You can research Mr.
  3. Thanks Kyle! I saw that posting and it's very insightful. I cannot wait to find out more information about this man. I'm hoping that his ribbons are included in the group. It would be fantastic to see what position he was and the missions he flew on. I'm very excited now!
  4. Wow I didn't realize that his wings were seen on! I'm really hoping the guy has the bullion wings. If not maybe I can find a pair to restore it. Would you say they were pilot wings?
  5. I was lucky to find this jacket and photo named to a gentleman who was a member of the goldfish club. I'm actually picking this up this coming weekend. I was also told by the seller that along with the jacket and photo there are a number "pins" that came with the jacket and he will be including them with it. I can see the ghost image of pilot wings I believe. The AAF patch is nice bullion, with very interesting details on the wings. I cannot tell if it's silver bullion or a blueish bullion on the wings. I assume the patch is English made. Once I pick it up I will post more photos and a name
  6. A buddy of mine hooked me up with this named grouping of USMC HBT uniforms. I was doing some research on one of the jackets and I believe it's an econo jacket. If I'm correct a company needed to complete a quota and resorted to using civilian buttons on some of the jackets. The uniforms are in fantastic condition. I would greatly appreciate any information regarding these uniforms. I researched the veteran and I believe he served in WWII and then in Korea. His named is J M Wagner. I tried to find values for the econo jacket but I have had no luck. Any information is greatly apprec
  7. The daughter-in-law of ARC member Neewah Bob Turney Armbrust just contacted me on Facebook. She is the geneaologist of the family. Unfortunately they are having phone issues at this time but we are communicating through email right now. I'm emailing her pictures of the items I have pertaining to Neewah and hopefully when I read over the documents and papers I might have more information about her in-laws. She is also going to share information about them for my future displays.
  8. This is a photo of all the nurses and ARC members at the 172nd Sta. Hospital. Lt Cope traced the outlines of all the women on a piece of paper and numbered them with their names and addresses. These are photos of all the officers from the hospital and their names and ranks. Stasia Care made a collage of photos. I apologise for the images being small. If anyone wants larger images just let me know so I can post larger and more clear pictures.
  9. Here are some propaganda leaflets dropped by the Japanese. Dorothy Cope is the one who found these on the island. These are newspapers, photographs of some of the nurses and ARC women. Also a negative and photograph of the officers in charge of the 172nd Sta. Hospital. There is also a booklet from a rodeo that one of the officers organized.
  10. Neewah Turney and Charles Armbrust 1943. It's photo in the top right. The photo to the left is Neewah talking to wounded soldiers who are playing a game of solitaire. Also in this image are photos of the natives in New Guinea who helped carry wounded soldiers to the hospital and also find soldiers who were lost or wounded. In addition there is a letter from the Red Cross giving Mrs. Carr authorization to wear the ARC ribbon for South West Pacific and a large ribbon for the Pacific Theatre.
  11. I am excited to show my newest grouping which I picked up this week. It all pertains to the 172nd Station Hospital which was located at St Joseph's Nudgee Junior College in Indooroopilly, Brisbane Australia. The majority of items belonged to Dorothy A. Cope (Townley) who was a nurse in the hospital. After the war she organized reunions and was given photographs and documents from some of the people she served with. Two of the people who gave her items were Stasia F. Carr and Neewah Bob Turney (Armbrust). They were both serving with the Red Cross at the hospital. Neewah ended up meeting one of
  12. I just got these maps yesterday. They show Okinawa and the planned beach landings. It even shows gun emplacements, bunkers and other establishments. I thought that maybe the maps were ripped over age but I realized that it was done purposefully because they fit together perfectly to show the island where the troops planned to land. It's marked Secret on the top of the maps and the classification will be changed to restricted once in combat. In the group of maps there is a Japanese map of Okinawa which was captured by the individual who kept these maps. Honestly I haven't come across any maps
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